August 16, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Cardi B’s Album: The Aftermath and How It turned Into the Trash Nicki Party PT2

  1. G next article please let us know if u find out bts wat marketing moves YM making. Cause it def something big in the works. I think because Remy is a battle rapper and hella competitive She does best on collabs with dudes cause she strait tryna take they’re heads off. Her alone, nah she can’t carry a whole song.

    1. I don’t know if YM can help her far as music. The music industry done with her. No matter what she try. Ym don’t have control over the industry. Nicki should invest in landscape and realinstand. She can make a lot of money in that industry. Gas stations too.

      1. Your buggin Drake has the “Midas Touch”….Although the industry would discredit Nicki her fans won’t

  2. I was just saying how I thought it was weird Remy hasn’t said anything about Cardi album or really about her at all lately

    1. I think Remy really dont like Cardi. Remember she said she didn’t have a problem with Nicki. She said Nicki was good. Remy is fake she will act like she like you, and than when the right time come, she will show her true feelings. She make fake friends with Azealia Banks and she talk to her about Nicki and how she didn’t like her. Azealia Banks is not crazy. She expose her for being fake. Remy ma is a fake, lier, low key hater. She will do anything for money. If I was Cardi I will stay away from her. Watch a few years from now Remy will try to expose her too.

    2. I noticed that too..after all that woman stick together stuff there was no album posting or congrats🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Right stay woke. I know this women empowerment movement was BS fake. None of these rapper queen congrats her album. They knew that album didn’t sell out that fast and went to gold. They see this fake BS. They mad but they the ones who help her out. Now nobody is talking about them. They only giving cardi the spot light. If they was smart they should have stay out the beef and force on themselves.

  3. Lmao at the part where you say she kicked open the door then bolted it behind her. That’s exactly why happened!!! Smh this industry I tell u boy. Glad I never wanted to be famous.

  4. Throw the whole damn industry away!! This is so sad that folks can’t even just make whafwhat music theyre gonna make and live their lives. All of this irks me so much and it’s really pathetic. Makes me so glad I didn’t pursue music… I ain’t built for this bullshit! When I saw Drake’s video come out…I was like OHHHHHHH shit!!! Something’s about to go down! This is a whole mess!

  5. I don’t know if I’m right correct me if I am but when Shether came out and Kim Cardi & Remy was anti Nicki they all was talking about and planning on doing a project together but like G say Cardi don’t have a say so over her own self right now and I feel her label didn’t want her getting further mixed up with the beef stuff so they made her take the high road and Remy most likely felt played and that’s why it seems she’s done cheering on Cardi cause she feel she got shited on… That’s my take

    1. MsQtil you right her label ALT. Didn’t want Cardi. B IN no foolishness. They used Remy ma to help cardi. Remy thought they was going to help her get to the top. ATL only pay her to diss Nicki Minaj. Cardi didn’t have no beef with Nicki until they did motorsport song. Nicki didn’t want to work with her, thats when Cardi had a problem with Nicki. And just to add more drama offset low key was liking all of Nicki sex pictures on her IG, talking about her sexy self. That’s why Cardi made him unfollow her. Offset make things worse then it really was.

  6. Remy remixed two of Nicki’s song taking shots at her but no one ever mentions that, the narrative that they run with is that nicki started it and that she is a bully.

  7. Damn so Oprah posted on ig she’s listening to Cardi B’s album to her followers..the fix gotta be in

  8. I just saw on instagram that even Oprah is endorsing Cardi. When will this fuckery end? This girl is not the next coming of Jesus. I actually feel sorry for this girl because she’s a pawn in this game. One they’re done with her they will discard her like the rest.

  9. Lordt Cardi B album have everyone talking about it now…. I didn’t think it would do this well. 😮

    Nicki should literally drop a mixtape go back to her first mixtape days. Maybe she should change her management, because at this point she needs to make so new moves and start over again.

    YM and CM are on the same page again? What’s the back story on how Wayne and Birdman resolved their issues? Do you think Lil Wayne is going to continue with his lawsuit against CM/birdman.

  10. This title is misleading because outside of everything you’ve told us before their isn’t nothing new on how the aftermath of Cardi album turned into a “trash talking Nicki party” G.

  11. It’s definitely a good thing Nicki is not saying anything. I know Drake holds grudges but him dropping on the same day as Cardi just shows he still fucks with Nicki. I don’t think he wants her to go out like that..

    1. Nicki in London Paris, music industry is not something she’s worry about right now. She is the richest female rapper right now. She can retire and inverts in something else. She 35 its time for her to start a family and be happy.

    2. I definitely think drake did that on purpose, and I’m here for it . Plus the song is hella good , and the video concept

      1. YES! He did that! Showing love to the women. You know that’s a bonus right there and it got everybody talking.

  12. So did anyone see the GQ article .. cold !
    G you are really the goat . I’m watching this play out and I’m over here like 🤯

    1. She did the fans got on her ass. Once again she got call out. Fake ass. It’s over for Nicki Minaj. I think their about to Kanye or Britney spears Nicki. She in London Paris all week. She left days before Cardi drop her album. I think that the powers that be make her go there. I hope G can find out why they send her to Paris this week.

  13. Nicki look different n only thing i see in picks is wen shes ppurses her lips and smiles n her dimples match

  14. What’s frustrating is that this generation feels as though if they don’t see it then it didn’t happen. Remy could’ve been text or called cardi but because “they” didn’t see Remy mention Cardi publicly now it’s a problem. Smdh everybody praise don’t have to be made publlic for everyone’s eyes to see.

    1. it didnt happen if we didnt see it that is correct because she didnt call nicki minaj n talk out thier differences right? she didnt call nicki n talk about why are u trying to mess with my bag ? did she? no she put it out in public so put this.. everybody else is.. public appreciation goes way furthe then private

      1. That is very true G she definitely should’ve called Nicki or text or email something.

      2. G, do you know who’s on Barbi Tings remix? Rumor has it that’s it the first lady of music, cardi and 2 other females.

  15. The whole scenario is sad. It’s a cycle that Black artist are constantly put through and fall for every single time. They use us to take one of us out then, sooner or later, the one that was the “replacement” finds themselves replaced. I like Cardi B, I’ve been following her since well before her reality tv days, and I’m happy for her come up. I just hate how “we” continue to allow ourselves to be pawns in these games at the expensive of each other. And I hate how dumb we are to believe the false narratives put out by others who make money off us, when the truth is plain as day, right in front of us.

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