September 29, 2022

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16 thoughts on “They Say Nicki Is Dropping A Single Tonight As Cardi B’s Album Comes Out??

  1. Real talk because I’m old Skool I was hesitant to accept Nikki she dissed kim while biting her. Ridiculous! However you’ve made me have to admit she’s a g in this modern day of contentless rap she’s got that old Skool lyrical flow and doesn’t chat shit. Monster killed it next to jay and Kanye. I cannot get into cardi her first song was not for me bartier was good though but I have to admit Nickie is a boss. All this playing them off against each other is just what the industry does every genre. I want Nickie to win. Buy Nickie’s album make her be undeniable like breezy. Get it Nickie sorry for taking this long.

    1. Right they we replace you, when you get to old for them. They did this to Kim with Nicki now cardi.b. Nicki is 35 thats to old for hip hop rapper. Cardi is 25. The younger the better. They don’t do this to men they can rapp in their 40s. The industry just mess up.

    1. I hope not because that will be bad thing for her. If Birdman and cash money love Nicki like they say they do. They betnot put out no new music from Nicki the industry we eat her up.

  2. This story of her dropping a song may be to make her look bad or a hater trying to steal the shine

    1. in regular circumstance it would but this isnt regular circumstances they tried to make lauryn get an abortion but social media wasnt around then they will find a way to exploit the child n profit

  3. Well, Ms. Tracey said exactly what G but with a twist. Somebody is going to trump Nicki’s single ( Thank you G and Ms. Tracey) but here is what get us is that age bracket. This chick is two years older than Nicki but Atlantic saying Nicki is too old but this chick ain’t? How so?

    1. Cardi is 25 years old. Thats young enough for them. G been telling us the truth. It’s over for Nicki Minaj. Nicki is in London Paris right now. She been there for days. I think should she follow Bad Girl ReRe. And just move there and stay there for a while. They doing everything in Their power to destroy her. She got to leave the U.S. jante Jackson move away too. The fake shit is to much.

  4. Who was suppose to take Eminem’s spot? I was just wondering that since u mentioned those other deactivated brands!!

    1. It seems they only do it to female artists ..but I would say Logic probably I think it was going to be machine gun Kelly. But that’s just a guess though.

      1. There was some white rapper awhile back claiming to be the next Eminem and he was actually good. But, he fucked up and said the N word, something Eminem would never do, and nobody was fucking with him anymore. I can’t remember his name.

  5. I hope she doesn’t…patience is key- let Cardi fizzle…then drop a mixtape and start acting. I loved her in the Other Woman. Cardi is a gimmick- her glow up was fabulous but she’s just entertaining…her features are okay but her solo crap 💩 is trash 🚮

  6. I’m an OG fan of HipHop. A tiny bit older than Nicki. I look at her body of work and give her props for days!!!! To me she is a POPULAR Artist. Like a Madonna of her time & she will continue to be successful. One of favorite songs is Truffle Butter. She has worked with everyone.
    To the younger Generation out there be Cool for real. Don’t be petty with people. Pray. Get a life coach/smart friend that you look up to. Positive vibes. Laugh. Respect your Elders. Empathize.

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