September 29, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Oh My God You See This Shit? Cardi B Says ” The Internet Made Up The Beef With Me and Nicki”

  1. I agree! Nicki does NOT need to drop her single! I’m glad she said she WAS because we all know Atlantic is scrambling to figure out what nicki finna do. I don’t believe a word of this and as soon as I saw she was gonna talk to nicki’s “brother” (fake ass nigga) I knew you would talk about this. I wonder how nicki feels about Ebro kissing cardi ass? He the next cthabitch?

    1. There’s no real friends in this industry Nicki knows this. Have you heard Azealia Banks new song she just drop to night. Now thats good music. Cardi have nothing on that girl. Erbo play her song today on the radio and he ask her about the the beer with Cardi. He he always in shit.

  2. G you been putting us on to the beef behind the scenes between Nicki and Cardi Bum over a year now! You can see that PR Teaching of avoiding telling the truth on beef with another artist.Look how Cardi Bum as she lying about not having a problem with Nicki she is avoiding eye contact with Ebro Bitch ass…When people are lying they normally look off for a few seconds to come up with something or talk in circles and avoid answering the question. Ebro asked Cardi why they didn’t do the video together and she clearly lied like her PR told her to do…It’s a reason why this Illuminati Bitch switched up her management.Nicki Assdrop need to wait to drop a record.Wait a few weeks after Cardi Bum album drop and then Drop a Banger that will remind the Fans on why she is the Best Female Rapper out

    1. Hey The truth shaker did you know that he just did a interview with Azealia Banks she will be droping her new song on the same day as Cardi. I have to say I listen to it already and it’s good. Azealia is better than Cardi. But they going to say it trash watch. What do you think.

  3. It’s all in her voice and body language you can tell she didn’t want to talk about her. She basically saying it like Nicki might have beef with me but I’m not beefing with her “I’m too busy”. She isn’t fooling anybody.

  4. G EVERYTHING that you shared about what was going to happen to Cardi is happening. She’s been certified gold and folks are already declaring Nicki done.

  5. Who’s better than G?? Nobody that’s who. I was watching this interview this morning & thinking about everything you told us way back when. It’s funny, this reminds me of when NM came out and her saying she told Kim she respects her work and all that…yada yada yada, WHAT MORE DOES SHE WANT FROM ME”?! Lol, Cardi saying the same thing about Nic. Music Industry is hilarious!

  6. G didn’t you say that cardi was trying to talk it out with Nicki but Nicki wouldn’t talk to her and ignored her? It sounds to me like Nicki is the bitter one

    1. No she was not trying to talk it out she wanted to fight nicki but nicki hung up the phone. You know there is a person at your job that is trying to take ur job and end your career your not gonna be bitter?

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