July 2, 2022

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30 thoughts on “PR Diaries Volume 2 What We Used To Talk About In These Pr Streets

  1. Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold??.. I always heard Tichina and Malcolm (Martin) hooked up before..that was rumor back.

    1. I DEF AGREE ITS PAMMMMM AND GINAAAAAAA!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂 wow!

  2. No clue, i mean, it sounds like it could be tachina & tisha but i always heard they got it on together, not necessarily with eachothers dudes.. & was Martin ever considered a young, hot actor? Always felt like we considered him a cool comedian, yes he had an iconic show but he was always seen as goofy & funny, like when he was bilal with the stank breath in house party.

    then i thought abt toni & tamar, but i think she wouldve alluded to them being family, & also when were either of them known to be with a hot young actor?

    give is more hints, G!

  3. Sounds like Toni / Tamar. They are close as two females can be (sisters).Both names start with the same letter, like in the story. Both have/had husbands. Cant think of the actor.

  4. Sounds like Toni and Tamar
    Malcolm = Shemar Moore (Malcolm was his character’s name on The Young And The Restless)

    Could the other four men be: Babyface, Keri, Vince, and Birdman?

  5. These two are as close as females can get=sisters. Can’t get any closer than that. Tamar and Toni? I thought i heard a rumor that Tamar slept with Keri, Toni’s ex husband. I’m assuming “Malcolm” is Shemar Moore.

  6. Tamar and toni!!! Shamar more played Malcom on young and restless!😁 G u know I been asking for this!! Lol

  7. I immediately thought of Toni and Tamar. Sisters are as close as females can get! Unless it’s mother and daughter lmao

  8. That has to be Toni and Tamar and that hint Malcolm is Shemar Moore a character he played on young and the restless. Not sure how yall are getting Pam and Gina, lol that don’t sound like them..

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