October 1, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Fabolous and Emily B Update

  1. That’s a long time to get beat on “Tina” and not come out … a lot of things are not for the camera… if indeed she does testify .. that’s breaking the G -code on so many levels

  2. It’s like so many people are saying it never happened. I feel like he did, but like u said it’s up to her to testify or provide evidence. Because that’s what these “fans” want to see, they will never believe Fab did anything and others saying “she deserved it”… smh

  3. Damn. She better have a savings account. No more Fab money. I think she will back out and get back with him. They will blame her family for causing problems or some stupid excuse

  4. She might have hands put on her but she’s ready to date someone else and I believe she wants the house and the children. She knows he would probably take the children if it’s over because he won’t allow another man to raise his sons. Yea he cheated but she stayed and waited wanting this family. He would have never married her. He hasn’t in all this long time. I honestly don’t believe he knocked her teeth out because why wait until after your trip did you bring it up when it happen weeks before. If my husband/boyfriend knocked out my fronts best believe this would have came out then my front teeth oh no!!!

  5. She’ll prolly go thru the case if her family supports it, I think Emily wants to publicly shame Fab that’s why she was attempting to record him in the video. Ive been thru d.v. with a control freak and Emily needs to love herself and get out if not for her for the kids.

    1. she clearly did not record him, i dont think they knew they were being recorded. I think it was the daughter recording & you could hear the lil brothers in the back screaming. sad situation, if Fab hit her, even once, he’s a bitch. period.

  6. You hit the nail on the head…and you touched on the fact that Winter called this out in her book before anyone else as well. I hope for the sake of her sons, Emily moves on. DV and cheating aren’t things her babies should witness if she wants them to grow up to respect women.

  7. Yup she can never open her mouth to say he hit me because if she doesn’t act now no one will ever have her back. It’s sad but it’s true. You can’t keep crying he’s beating me but won’t leave. Yes I know the mentality of the abused because I was abused. BUT SHE HAS TO BE STRONG AT SOME POINT AND LEAVE. She has a fucking daughter for Christ’s sake! Is this a good example for her? Put up with the beating cuz he’s rich!?!?

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