July 1, 2022

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61 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Meek MIll and The Real Reason This is Happening To Him

    1. maybe you are right at any rate im not so sure i believe that girlfreind or wife or whatever was paid off they have done it before they did to michael jackson ppl will turn on u for money trust me

      1. MJ Was never found guilty tho. They knew that man would throw whatever type of money he had to let them leave him alone. Paul Mooney spoke about it. Sorry, I’m an MJ fanatic. Can’t help myself.

    2. I don’t really believe that. A lot of black men spentime in jail for things they did not do. This is still going on today. I was wrong about birdman and cash money. They try to tell her to leave meek alone. I know she was not going back to her ex no matter what they say. But meek was a no no. She should her stay singal or date drake. Although drake cheat at lot. He would not beat her or make her look foolish. A lot of people wanted her to date drake and meek knew how drake feel about Nicki. Drake was piss off for a long time about this mess. He still is right now. Baby girl thought she had control of them. The powers that be have the power and control. I love Nicki, but she refuse to play the game. Now they playing her, once you in you have to play your cards right. Pray for Nicki Minaj. No telling what they might do to her next.😓👀

  1. Gina, do you have any sugar on Danny “Swift” Garcia… I notice his subliminal illuminati signs in pics with his sisters… he is always saying free meek mills… what’s his deal?

  2. Yes I do G! I KNOW he sacrificed snupe bc he was jealous of how lyrical he was. Man and snupe freestyles? Oh my god… he would have been the hottest rapper in the game HANDS DOWN. Rip to him he was going to be a legend. 🙏🏽

    1. OMG 😮!!! If that Gucci mane tea is the only tea u give for the rest of the year🤦‍♀️😥… I wouldn’t even complain. I have been trying to figure that out ever since he came home😔😥. Lawd I don’t even know if I REALLY want to know🤦‍♀️😔

  3. So its,just better to sell your cds out of the trunk of your car than get on with a label

    Hmmm wondering if you can still be famous,without selling your soul…..like can just use my talent and make it

    So why can’t Giselle help them both of them Nikki and Meek……and anyway if the record labels look at that beef between drake and Meek was on fire …..on Drake’s part. ……but I always,felt Nikki didn’t like what Meek did

      1. Ummm and dmx they know he don’t have the money. He’s been in the media for shit all the time.

  4. Yes we want all the sugar. Thanks for this I for the life of me could not figure why he got so much time.

  5. Wait sooo the elite planted semen in Jelani’s stepdaughter pants, somehow got the child to sodomize herself & tear her own vaginal tissue. Ok Got it!

    1. anybody with money can do anything,. and im not saying they did that but they can LIE about finding that LIE everr heard of it? its called planting evidence it has been done for decades. if you don’t know that then well I dont know what to say to you

    2. did you actually see semen? no right? they told you they found semen correct? that’s my point and again maybe he did do it I am not saying he didn’t but i have also been around the entertainment industry a long time and they can pull off ANYTHING trust me

  6. This whole story is too crazy to even follow . I never commented because I didn’t know much about this judge but hearing this is crazy . They game is too wrapped up in this devil magic . Although G I do believe her brother molested that girl . As for everything else I can see the set up and the fall happening . Like you said who knows how deep this shit really goes . People sell out sometimes not even really understanding that actually what happened . Hopefully he gets out because I always loved Meeks hustle

    1. and trust me I am not saying he didnt i am just not ruling out a set up and even if he did a set up is also paying off the girl to finally come forth there is a lot going with a set up .. look at michael look at all the so called evidence they had and it was all fake

      1. That’s a fact also G . You’ve seen enough to know . We never know how deep shit can really go . It’s crazy how he’s jammed up in Nicki is going threw her shit at the same time like you said .

      2. I’m with Gina on this one. How ironic her brother has this situation happen at the exact same time the elites want to push her out… people wake up!

      3. Is it possible that the elites set this up as nicki sacrificing her brother? Not all sacrifices=death. Idk just a theory bug I do believe it’s possible

  7. HEy g what’s the deal with Blac Chyna? I know it’s probablt silly shit but people are really arguing over the bitch on IG

    1. Girl my pop gossip self wants to know to but idk if she’ll speak on it. Honestly, I feel like this is Kardashian revenge. They are having the last laugh. I honestly feel like they paid that little girl off to touch on Dream and then had her on TMZ (since they are so far up Kardashian butt). But honestly I’m waiting for Rob to start showing signs like how Kylie did and Khloe did before their change. I’ll patiently wait.

  8. Yes we do!! I want to know that suga!

    On a side note, idk if I missed it or what but will you do one on Chris Brown… I see he’s getting mad heat. May be you been did one on what really happened that night or not. If not can you?

  9. I’ve been saying that her brother might have been set up. Money can make people lie and make evidence look real. Smh!

  10. Question. When you talk about sacrifices and rituals do you mean literally? If so who or what are they done in the name of?

  11. i will lose it ! lil snupe???? he had sooooo much talent! im at the edge of my seat! the only reason i even know who this meek mill is because of all the rap battle videos i used to watchhhh with lil snupe nooooooooo!! 😖

  12. So, you’re insinuating that the brother’s case wasn’t real, he didn’t molest the girl?? Is your Instagram deleted, too Gina? And yes, we do want the scoop on Snupe!

    1. Again, I have been in this shit wayy to long to insinuate, people that do not have any idea about how this shit works, they insinuate. Not me. I suspect. and I put NOTHING past the industry NOTHING. That is what I am saying

  13. This definitely believable. They set Prince up and Michael. I want the tea on Gucci because i think him and keyshia are clones because her body isnt proportioned right and where did all that money come from? I know she was hustling her business but damn something doesn’t seem right

  14. I’m sorry but Gina please reiterate what this whole Miley beef is about.. Bc today was the first time I heard Meek having anything to do with egging her on…I remember it being about magazine article and not liking what Miley said…I need to know why the MTV thing was deeper than it appeared to the point they both got marked?

  15. Everything you said is exactly my theories! Glad you confirmed them so I know I’m not going crazy 😩 people need to stop making deals with the elites. They are literally the devil and doing all his work through them.

  16. Yeah I would like the lil snupe sugar.. or just more on how the blood sacrifices go down and if it’s voluntary or not?

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