October 6, 2022

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27 thoughts on “LIL MO’ One Of Many People Seemingly Blaming Emily

  1. Sometimes people should just be quiet all together smh . That’s the one thing that irks me about all the fake ass celebrities ..celebrity feminist all that . EVERYBODY IS DEAD SILENT ! I literally seen one person with a blue check speak against this . As a whole they need to do better . These those same fools that get ya page blocked on insta 🙏🏾

  2. Wtf is she talking about first of all I haven’t heard one complete sentence yet from her dumbass? Abusers are very good at acting one way in public and acting another way behind the scenes. I have a girlfriend that said how her husband would act very normal in front of people but under the table he was hitting her while she was pregnant pinching her squeezing her and no one knew. He consistently threatened her to act normal when they went to doctors appointments amd when they were around their family. These male abusers are very good at what they do. Shame on her dumbass! Smdh

  3. She is a WHOLE ass fool! She needs to be worrying about her household and what’s REALLY going on up in there!!!

  4. She needs to not speak on anyone situation I would have skipped that question because the way her current husband acts…

  5. She sound like a damn oxymoron 🙄 i understand that’s ya “bro” but that’s more of a reason u should’ve checked him and tell him he outta pocket!!! As much as his ass cheat how he gonna get mad when she dished the same shit back to him!!!!

    1. Yeah from what I understand Fab is her godbrother so it seems like she’s scared to speak out against him. I shouldn’t say scared more like conflicted. But I agree it should be even moreso for her to check him

  6. Mo’s been trash all around. She needs to worry about why her husband’s naked watching porn with his niggas. #BumpinDicks

  7. I’m sorry but Lil Mo… She always talking in circles… She never makes fucking sense… I’m like why every time she talks she on some I’m down I know this but also be quick to say I’m in my own leave it with my husband blah blah… I never take anything she says as that’s the gospel bc she’s like reject Olivia poor and Regina Hall character from girls trip all in one… She’s not credible until her ish don’t stink… Fix your own house and figure out why you like men who disrespect to your face but figure him when he come crawling and following you around like his mama who still breastfeed his grown ass… He’s a joke thanks to llhhp helping see that…

  8. So I guess all the reports that her husband continues to cheat and treat her like doormat are false…my first husband was an asshole in public he would be lovey dovey and at home the straight fucking devil! We were both in the military and his command didn’t do shit! I left him and people said I was being a typical over the top female who provoked him but when finally try to kill me after our divorce two years later people believed me he was controlling and abusive. He literally had two bullets in the gun one for me and for him! So the nicest person can be the devil in sheep’s clothing

  9. She’s a mess and cant talk straight. Why she protecting Fab she needs to worry about her own household which was a mess at some point. I cant stand people especially women who try to justify this type of behavior. She’s just as ignorant as he is. Both of them need to worry about their careers because they both damn near extinct.

  10. If she don’t take off those MTA safety goggles and shut the fuck up. Brother or not, ABUSE ISN’T ACCEPTABLE!

  11. Hey g can you do one on why the industry hates azalea banks I think you did it before on the ig pg…can’t really remember but the girl be coming for every body lol

    1. And for lil mo girl the man was on video walking up to her with a knife but didn’t do the same thing to her dad he was the one trying to get to fab truth always come to light he’s a bitch next casssseeee! Cuz the queen Supreme Court got rid of her ass too bye mo.

  12. I don’t feel bad for Emily AT ALL. My thing is why stay sis…but we all know why she did stay around and it was the all mighty dollar in cuz any other situation she would have bounce. But its something about the celebrity and the money smh it makes u do crazy things.

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