October 1, 2022

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34 thoughts on “We Were ALL Told Fabolous Was beating Emily 5 years AGO

  1. I always wondered why she stayed bc it is open secret that John beats her… And cheats all the time… I was shocked when she said she was having their second kid.. I’m like she’s having another kid after the last time… Like when is enough… Bc I’m sorry.. it took me one time to get hit… One time to be cornered into fearful situation… And I GOT THE FUUUUU OUT… I’m not understanding why some don’t have the strength of self love to leave and KNOW YOU DESERVE BETTER..ijs… She stays and I am unsure how to take stories like this and find empathy.

    1. *Speaking from my experience

      It’s not always that easy to leave. 9 times out of 10 he wooed her by being sweet, charming, and everything she could ever want THEN he turned on her (emotional abuse, verbal abuse then physical). So now you’re with a man who’s “not acting like himself” but in reality he’s being who he was all along. He’s just comfortable enough to take his mask off because he feels he’s”got you” #cognitivedissonance He may have been the best she’d ever had (in her mind) and can’t/couldn’t imagine anyone who’d treat her better.

      Abusers rarely walk right up to you and punch you in the face. If that’s the case everyone would be able to jump up and leave. I dated a guy who put his hands on me and I left and never looked back. But when I was married to my husband and he started putting his hands on me (after we were married) it was difficult to leave – I was humiliated, didn’t want to be blamed for it, wondered if I could fix it etc. I eventually left. But just know matters of the heart are not always easy

      1. Exactly u never know what u will do in that situation. Also it’s great for people that can up and leave, pray for strenghth for the ones who can’t

      2. This is so true and very well said. There is a lot of humiliation associated with being in an abusive relationship. I believe that humiliation, comfort in the good times, and lack of adequate support keeps women in these awful situation. I am glad that you were able to get out of both of your situations and I pray Emily will leave as well.

      3. Going through that right now with my husband. But today I was choked and in front of my 1 year old son and was only let loose when he began to cry. It’s easier said than done (leaving), when you literally have no one to help. Then comes the worries of surviving, managing 2 kids, working, and pay bills all alone. Sorry for the rant, guess I needed to vent seeing this all happened not even an hour ago.

      4. I can relate to your situation. Please stay safe and try to form an exit plan, even if you don’t act on it soon. Also, inform a few trusted people as to what is going on. I will pray for you mama.

      5. Another thing too is YOU CANT FORGET THE ABUSE it stays with you its a traumatic experience one will NOT understand unless THEY EXPERIENCE IT THEMSELVES. I was in a severe abusive relationship when I was younger. I escaped but I can say there were times I knew it was my last day on earth. 9 years later I still think bout shit that will bring me to tears! Abuse is serious! So I feel for Emily n she has no choice but to move on everything is out! She will feel so much better…..

      6. Agreed, I was in a abusive relationship for 7 years and it was hard. The only way I got out was he was murdered and I vowed that I would NEVER let another man abuse me like that. Thank God he heard my prayers because the next man I dated I married and he treats me like a queen. We’re not perfect but I don’t have to go through what I went through with the last guy. So I would say that I emphatize with Emily rather than being judgemental. Fab is an asshole though and I’m no longer a fan.

    2. To have empathy is to understand what someone is going through without having to go through it yourself. You have no empathy.

    3. It’s about money… Winter told her to stay cause how else she gonna live the life she does… date a regular guy… its sad but true. Emily wants money

      1. And it is about money always, wjo gonna pay bills, daycare, health insurance, car payment, car insurance… and she probably loves the glam life, thats expensive too

      2. She can get child support tho. They have 2 kids. She can still live an comparable life

      3. I think its a combination of the money and the fear associated with being in an abusive relationship. That’s why its good for women to have their own careers so they can be able to stand on their own in case of situations like this. Emily was his stylist but Im not sure if she was doing any styling outside of Fab. I hope she did. This situation is sad .

  2. Omg Yesss, but G wasnt it longer than 5 yrs? I remember Winter was one Season 2 of LHHNY when she was launching this book. Yooo but Yall remember there was a video maybe a couple yrs. ago of Rapper Foxy Brown runnin up on Fab & he played the shit outta her, I felt so bad cause it was backstage in front of maddd ppl. Foxy is a legend in her own right, but. that wasn’t called for.

  3. OAN im glad that video came out Now Emily will be forced to move on. She’s gna find soo much happiness when scrubbing is said & done.

  4. I been there, it’s not easy to leave because you are always trying figure out the best way to get out without getting a beat down. Always afraid of how bad you will get fucked this time, ain’t enough makeup in the world to cover up two black eyes, busted up lips and lumps. I only got out because my abuser/baby daddy got killed.

  5. So true I remember when Winter had that one season on love in hip hop but she wrote the book and she was gone . But it’s sad because in NY it one of those things people whisper about but never say aloud . Bottom line before anything we are Women first so I hope she is able to find peace for herself and her family because abuse is no joke. The emotional scars for some of us never heal ❤️

    1. Winter worked as Fab personal assistant he even suggested She move into his home in nj. So she saw the progression of Fab & Em relationship from jump and her & Em became close friends. he was so controlling he’d get upset if Winter left the house

  6. I just looked up winter and an episode of her and Emily came up from love and hip hop. Now i see it differently. Emily keeps saying it’s not all about the cheating it’s the disrespect as if it’s separate. Cheating is disrespectful so why would she be saying it like that other than he is disrespecting her in another way like abuse.

    1. That infamous scene with Winter telling Emily to stay with him 😂😂😂 who cares if he cheats. . What you gonna date, a teacher 🤣

    1. @Melanin Queen, The red flag is your son saw it. Get out now! Don’t use that excuse I want to stay because we have a child together. A child instincts are stronger than you think. Me and son’s father argue all the time. And believe it or not, my special needs son was 2 at the time would pushed his father away from me. Oh, I understand where you coming from. I got the pics from where he put his hands on me. Quit using excuses, quit accepting his apoligies, just quit being in the situation period! Leave him while your son is still little. Why? Because it won’t be long until he attack him. You do not want DSS or Department of Social Services intervene. I know from experience. Now, if you call the police and all of sudden you don’t press charges, THE STATE WILL!! You can do this! I know you can! After my son’s father hit me, I hit him with my car! I sure did! Went to his probation officer and he got locked up! Guess what? He needs a liver transplant and my son is his compatible match! He won’t get that liver from my son. Yes ma’am! You can do this! I know you can! As much game we women can run on these men, you can run one on your husband. MELANIN QUEEN, YOU CAN DO THIS! REPRESENT YOUR BLOG NAME TO THE FULLEST!! YOU CAN DO THIS! FIGHT BABYGIRL!! YOU GOT THIS!! I AM PRAYING AND ROOTING FOR YOU! YOU GOT THIS! FIGHT QUEEN FIGHT! AND IF YOU NEED TO VENT, TALK, SCREAM, WHATEVER! HIT ME UP ON INSTAGRAM. MY NAME IS THE SAME ON INSTAGRAM: DARADIANT1. ❤ YA BABYGIRL! I AM ROOTING FOR YOU! ❤

      1. Yes I agree, you can do this, my name is cloverleaf76 on instagram, hit me up if you need to vent, Ive been there before.

  7. Why does it seem like “the morning meal group of people” show is on fabalous’ side? When they do their “gossip report” they side step and talk about how he was their first interview and the other one use to work for him.

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