October 1, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Emily B and Fabolous Situation

  1. Thanked for this sugar! I will never understand their relationship. Why did she stay with a man so long who never claimed her and abused her? Why was Fab so pressed to have her around and abuse her when he never acted like he even liked her? Her father and brother should have tag teamed his ass. I was absolutely disgusted by his behavior. I hope she puts him under the jail.

  2. Smh . People were all on insta like I can’t believe it . But why not clearly he has been dogging her out for years . Hopefully she’ll get away this time and stay because we all know how things can end .
    Thanks for keeping us sugar babies on point 😎

  3. I knew that had to be why he snapped. A man hates to get a taste of their own medicine. He was so messed up for that!! I said to myself he only did that because she had to be entertaining someone else, even though he does it all the time. Smdh!!!

  4. 😂😂😢😂😂 @ snatching doo doo crumbs. G you are a whole mess, shyt jus had me screaming! As always you on it…thanks for the suga bew!

  5. This is great sugar and thank you I knew this incident was deeper than reported..that seething anger was something else and he should’ve been dealt with now knowing he had blade in hand I understand the hesitation..It’s rumored they are actually married tho idk on the fence about that

  6. The last sentence though….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Doo Doo crumbs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I must have been under a rock because I didn’t know about the most recent incident. I went to watch the TMZ clip and heard her father say “I did 10years…”
    It’s a sad situation all the way around.

    I hope they all get the help they need and can find a way to break away amicably. Fab has always come across to me as one of those men who don’t like women but he likes p*$$y.

  8. Thank you for this! It makes sense now why she stayed in that relationship for so long. It’s sad really and I can only imagine how the children are affected by this

  9. The Diddy part is hilarious 😂 but I can believe every word of this because she was screaming for her life, but we will see if this is her final performance with him! I hope she moves on for real because no one deserves to be treated like that no matter how weak she is over him!

  10. My thoughts are with her daughters and their kids. I can’t imagine what they have witnessed.

  11. G what the Fuck 😂😂😂”He should’ve let Puffy snatch his doo doo 💩crumbs” ??? Yo you Ignant like me! But Fab fucked up but his career is not dead because a lot of Niggaz can’t relate to that situation that Fab is in,Plus Fab Fan base is more Males than Women so it’s really not going to hurt his career as much as you think maybe lose a lot of Females who are fans but him #Jadakiss #LloydBanks have the same fan base…Fab just needs to publicly apologize for his actions and just admit he fucked up…People are prisoners of the Moment like this is a serious matter but Fab and Emily have a lot to figure out.They both need space from each other.Because relationships with kids and cheating with lies always have it’s blow up and ends badly so that’s why I say they need time away from each other and maybe they can sit and talk and figure out what they need to do for their Family.

    1. Well, he just did a performance with Lil Kim and Jadakiss and nobody, AND I DO MEAN NOBODY DID NOT SHOW FAB NO LOVE WHATSOEVER! TALK ABOUT A QUIET CONCERT? I GOT THE VIDEO!

  12. Omg leftover doo doo crumbs!!! Lol!!! I love it. Well I saw her fear I saw her families fear. Time to go Em. And I know Chrissy was helping her.

  13. I pray that Emily can have the strength enough to move on. Fab is a piece of shit! He’ll get his payback soon despite what his fan base is. Hes not hot anymore like he use to be so I can see why there is also a money issue as well. I bet he wont step up to another man on the street, most men who are abusers are cowards to other men. I pray that she can move on especially for her children. This is sad and Fab is pitiful.

  14. I just saw on IG that Emily’s dad stole 300K from Fab. Is that actually true? I don’t believe anything anyone says till you say something Gina.

  15. Not judging but why do you need another man to make you leave? Or at least ask him for some money for an apartment 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️.

  16. I’m sorry I’m standing with how I feel… She Emily doesn’t deserve the abuse not anyone who is in any abusive situation… But the keyword that makes me feel no empathy is because she STAYED and ALLOWED HERSELF to get pampered and spoiled by his abusive ass… Like I’m not buying oh she’s confidant to let go bc she’s found someone else… No to me sorry but it sounds like she’s a simple minded woman who let material things keep her ass hostage WILLINGLY to his abuse… If you want believe he never ever showed her that he was abusive before the first kid and first year of dating him.. I’ll CALL B.S… I’ve dated two ppl who were both abusive.. One was an hereditary abuser… Meaning they seen Mommy and Daddy both hitting on each other and all they know in relationships is to abuse you… Then the second was someone who was abusive due to emotional issues from death of minor family member… So trauma or stress would make them very angry and aggressive… Both only had one time… Correction I won’t lie.. The second one with emotional issues… Got two times and I was out immediately.. So I know you can leave… And now she’s found someone… Why… So you can have this… Play out as OMG I got strength… But I’m going to another man in the process… You need counseling and to forgive herself … Bc she’s a victim of abuse.. But she still is at fault for staying from day one… Where is the example she’s setting for daughter… Who will or could mirror her mom and start dating and staying with an abuser for no good reason… It’s clear she had family to help.. She obviously choose Fab over them for years until them teeth got knocked out again…. This ain’t her first time losing a tooth I’m… Sorry may seem harsh.. But I’m just pointing out how somethings are preventive.. Even years in the making…

  17. Why do they only get strength to leave when they find another man? That’s very weak minded. Leave for yourself not another man. Domestic abuse all stems from low self esteem. If women had higher standards they wouldn’t be in these situations as they would’ve left at the first sign of aggression.

  18. I really thought you was going to say this is happening because he DIDNT let diddy get his booty. Lmaooo but yes she clearly got a new joint an someone in the house took the vid!

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