October 6, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Joy Taylor and Shannon Sharpe Situation

      1. That man is an intelligent educated black man that has been down for the cause since day 1. Who he sticks his dick into me has absolutely nothing to do with if he is “Woke” IMO because I know for a fact I am as woke as it comes but if I want a white cock Ima fuck a white cock. I just don’t happen to be attracted to a lot of white men but that has nothing to do with being aware or not. I am surprised at you sis

    1. So what does being ” woke” and liking white women have to do with anything? He also Liked Nicole Murphy and Joy is half black. I think it’s ludicrous to think that whoever you date determines if you woke> I know plenty of our people who date our people but go around robbing and killing OUR PEOPLE are they woke?

  1. I’m just gonna ask even though everyone is… cardi album cover and the weeknd album cover and why did they drop their album and single on the last Friday of March at midnight.

    1. those are very important dates to the elite and the rituals that are performed are done on certain days because they are believed to be pleasing to Lu-Lu (what i call Lucy) peep the duality of black and white checkerboard theme used for example on her album cover… then look at the floor in the house of kris jenner & angela bassett…. google pics… its not by accident she has short blonde hair, black sunglasses, and sitting in a chair

  2. Shannon is hilarious. The chemistry on the show works. If Shannon and Joy became a thing I think it would send the ratings through the roof because both Shannon and Joy would absolutely slip every now and then and send Twitter on fire. Shannon’s comedy is straight from the civil rights era…all about his southern Georgia roots.

  3. That some good tea, can’t wait for the special tea I requested on my sports person. back in January..

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