October 6, 2022

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51 thoughts on “Turns out I may have been right after All About the Giselle Biter

  1. If she is indeed a friend; she will not hold it against you. Hopefully she’ll be reminded how passionate you are about your work/image! Just apologize to keep it 100 lol. Aldo awesome tea!!!!

  2. Sanaa is obsessed with The Illuminati Queen Beyoncé 😂😂😂She suck the Lemonade juice out of her and Joe Camel is all with that…”Flyer than Sanaa Lathan” Yeah Joe Camel been plotting on Love And Basketball

  3. She bit her like a pickle what is wrong with Sanna. Anyway she told on herself she said if bit her it was a love bite. Pretty much saying she did it. Of course she will deny it. It’s ok g. Dont second guess yourself. I hope y’all work it out cause she gives you all the sugar. 😩you always say the first story is right

  4. Awe sorry Gina. Your friend will understand. We all take leaps before we really think it out. Give yourself a cool down period before you go back to confront people and stick to it. Maybe a day or two.

  5. Like someone else said your friend won’t charge it to your heart! Just make up for it, you know what she will like. I’m surprised J hasn’t tried to make a 3some happen between them lmfao

  6. Like everyone else said, your friend will understand. I know that your sugar is 100% legit so sometimes these things happen.

  7. Sanaa been loose like this and a drunk I’m not surprised everyone in the industry or whoever has been around it knows this 🤷

  8. Giving us all this tea G sometimes it gets a lil too hot but it’s all good . I hope you all work it out because this can be stressful and you stay coming threw with the facts and the sources. It’s a sticky situation but I when the dust settles I hope all works out

  9. Well….. The second of my fellow Earth sign, Virgo. They wannabe perfect, but them some DL freaks! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. LMAO! Yall are a mess! Whatcha hiding for? Hell, us Taureans are born freaks! 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Dam I can see her doing something like that too! As for your friend apologize because we are never too big to admit when we’ve jumped the gun! Sanaa lied she should have just said if she want y’all to know ask her!!!😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️
    Call her evil ass out and let her answer to her own bullies!!!😒

  11. I knew it! I said that last night you were right the 1st time. All these ppl are about is self! You said before that she likes to get wasted too. I knew it wasn’t nobody but her ass.

  12. Sis, DO NOT lose a real friendship over these broads that aren’t paying your bills! They probably already had minaj… that’s why she wasn’t asked to leave. Everyone knows Sanaa meant exactly what she said too… she gets down with the ladies.

  13. This is way off base but Kanye tried to warn us about the Facebook scandal during his saint Pablo tour and he also tried to bribe zuckerberg on stage too. Crazy affffffffffff

    1. Fiiiiiiiinallyyyyyy, someone else sees it!
      I could see how distraught he was cause he realized his friends weren’t his friends.
      But now you just opened up my eyes to the Facebook thing too.

  14. I hope your friend will forgive you. Because we love we all love the sugar tea. Hope y’all can talk things out.

  15. Of course you were right!!! We knew your sugar was correct no sweet n low here..straight cane sugar! Just apologize to your friend and tell her you were having an off day and didn’t mean to curse at her like a drunk sailor lol

  16. We knew Sanaa is lying bc she said “if she did it would’ve been a love bite” and that ties right in to what you told us.

  17. Send your friend an edible arrangement….whatever it takes!! I’ll chip in on it!! We need that good tea she’s serving!

  18. My question is why did Beyonce allow her to get away with biting her? I wouldn’t care if she’s on drugs or drunk or whatever that’s still a violation.

  19. Why did I just imagine Giselle as Diamond and Sanaa as Ronnie from the movie The Players Club? Quick! Someone make a meme!

  20. I think Beyonce is telling tiff to put these stories out, because if she really wanted it to stay quiet she would shut tiffany down.

  21. I think if Sanaa was drunk enough to bite Beyonce… she was also drunk enough to not remember!! I know i don’t remember a lot of things that happen when I’m “totally” wasted!

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