October 1, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Jason Kidd and Dwayne Wade’s Fighting Over Gabrielle Union Part 2

  1. I wanna know more bout the side baby situation and trying to get the baby mama on basketball wives lol

  2. Ahkay Gabby. She is very gorgeous. She’s so brave for opening up about her baby issues. I wish her the best.

  3. I’m sorry to ruin the comments here but i still don’t have access to the site since the change. I can only reach you by comments via wordpress. I change my password three times. I’ve you helpgive me access, please ? Thanks

  4. I never cared for Gabby because I always felt that the characters she played was where really is. (Being Mary Jane, Deliver is from Eve)

    1. Felt the same! Something about her was always off to me. I always said she’s gorgeous and has talent but my spirit don’t take to hers. If I was famous like them and run in the same social groups it would be a “hey girl hey girl” type shit. No friendship. Can’t trust her round your man evidently.

  5. Gabby is gorgeous…but she really does seem like her character she plays on BMJ is exactly who she is in real life. A few of my friends has said the same thing about her…

    Great tea G and crew! 😁💯

  6. Well this is why my mother HATES DWade! She knew he was cheating before most did. Older women be knowing… But in Gabby’s acting you could tell she’s bossy. She’s too much. Is that why she “forgave” DWade for his “break baby”?

  7. G, u always find a story I don’t know and I’ve heard a lot about her ….and they shut u down on IG?? That ain’t right.

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