September 29, 2022

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29 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Tiffany Haddish GQ Interview and Who Bit Giselle

  1. Thank you ……..i thought it was Sanaa so she goes both ways? So Giselle gets down with girl? Who is Lucy the GOAT

  2. Love the tea spilled! FYI it’s not allowing me to like or comment on other ppl remarks. Just letting u know wassup.

  3. Chrissy tiegen said the actress who did it is the worse.lik whoever it is already has a bad rep in the industry.

  4. When I was reading it on IG and they said tiff was saying Giselle was telling her DONT BEAT WHOEVER the chick was ASS tiff say Giselle say the person was ON DRUGS and NOT DRUNK afterafter I read everything tiff big mouth ass said I CAN STRAIGHT HERE 😂😂😂😂

  5. Well it’s hot on the blog streets now that icydk put it there and said enemy of Giselle that was At the party that night her IG is getting bombarded by the hive right now smh.. but kudos to you guys always holding the match to the bomb!

    1. But did you notice that she (Sanaa) said if she did bite her it would’ve been a love bite💋 and left the lip stain emoji! Oh my!😳

  6. I’m starting to think either Tiffany is trying her or she on some type of drugs. She’s starting to be really random.

  7. Why are you apologizing i believe it was Sanna and they are cleaning it up now so your source is changing stories so they don’t get in trouble because they still have to care because they ar still in the industry.

  8. Also Chrissy isn’t following Sanna even though she follows her and Chrissy called her the worst

  9. Tiff is going to stop being invited to parties. These celebrities like discretion and privacy to play.

  10. Man I really should work for a blog because I knew it was her. I had did some research & she was the only actress that I saw post pics from the 4:44 tour that night. Plus I knew she might possibly be using drugs because a few years back french Montana & diddy posted a video to ig of them with her in the back seat of a car & she looked tore tf up. I said she look doped up. So Just using the clues Tiffany gave I knew it was her. I even told this blog who is obsessed wit Bey & they chewed my ass out for accusing Sanaa. I was right the whole damn time.

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