October 3, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Cardi B/ Offset and Celina Powell Pregnancy Situation

  1. Like you said she just now getting pissed off and embarrassed? And once he does the test she still ain’t gon leave!!! Throw this whole set up away. However I know celina is definitely fucking up the elites plans. I know they want her to shut up and she won’t. Btw if they served her with a cease and desist how come she hasn’t been arrested for violation? It all stinks.

  2. no no no no no no…. @tlantic has C@rdi right where they need her! this is only another Humiliation ritual she has to quietly sit thru and so does offs3t he is NOT exempt from rituals either! If she wants her album to well next month ….. like how well culture 2 did for M!go’s …..yall girl aint going no where no time soon !

  3. Girl bye she know her ass not going anywhere!! She use to be cheated on and in 😂😂 that’s why she made that statement about all dudes cheating but that’s not true! She just fell for the first industry cat that showed her a bit of interest and now they are forming a line because everyone knows it’s just a matter of time before this situation is over and a new one is in development!🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. I thought Atlanta put them together and it’s not a real relationship, she actually loves/ cares for him?

  5. The fact that these chicks only purpose in life is to hook a celeb for a baby is just so old and apparently not played out… Idk even know who this Celina chick is.. But imo she sucks at her one job… Now Cardi… She’s just thinks…”I’m into deep..I can’t blow this shit up over normal issues.. It will hurt her brand”… So she’ll play around with him until she is allowed to leave him.. Bc right now… I don’t think she has a much freedom as she would like over her life anymore… And Offset.. he just living life… With no serious worries

  6. And just think, about 3 seasons ago on LHHNY, she jumped downed on Peter’s case about Amina and Tara getting pregnant by him and making them look dumb. Now look whose in the same banana boat looking dumb as f***! Cardi owe alot of people apologies for what she had said to them.

  7. I would be embarrassed too. Cardi going to have her career end just when it’s getting started. Having someone drag you down and on top of that have a baby by them… SMH.

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