July 2, 2022

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13 thoughts on “P.S.A From G

    1. She got flagged and they shut her page down. I believe someone tagged a celeb and that celeb saw what was being said and Instagram shut her down. That is why she tells us not to @ the celebs on her page. She can lose her page as you can see. Plus, someone can sue her or serve her with a cease and desist order against her. Not to mention, they can literally can go after her harm her. And I be damn we are going to let her get harmed because somebody can’t follow directions! So that are the reasons why her page got shut down. 😊

  1. That is a good ideal G! I would love to read some of your back stories. But right now, I am battling a seizure headache that’s been going on for 4 days! Uggggh….My life!

  2. You can definitely post the old sugar here and just say refresher or repost…dont go thru so much. We appreciate you doing what you do!

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