October 6, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Giselle Doesn’t Like The 2 Angela’s In New York Part 1

    1. Same here, I just don’t get a good vibe from her at all. Something is definitely up with her. She seems sneaky and totally not a girl’s girl.

    1. Why isn’t it? If you’re gonna play in people’s beds/relationships you need to be prepared for whatever karma comes with it. Even if it means losing your job. That’ll teach her! Play with fire you’ll eventually get burned 🔥 🔥

  1. Sound off G . This was like and urban legend to people outside of nyc but us new Yorkers peeped the game . She used to front like it was just Brooklyn love but 👀

  2. Ain’t this some shyt? Thanks for posting G. So glad you gave your own platform. Can’t nobody interfere with this!

  3. Yep I remembered this. I’m from Brooklyn and knew Nas won but she kept insisting and everyone was pissed lol. We knew they were fucking. I believe all of NYC knew this no matter how discreet they tried to be. She made it so obvious

  4. Angie Martinez is extra obnoxious whenever she interviewed JayZ. I figured as much something else deeper had to be going on between the two. Nas got in her ass 😂😂😂

  5. Wow that’s crazy.
    I feel bad for Bey after reading all these stories all these years he been dogging her ass now they on this fake ass everything is love tour.
    But then I don’t feel bad for her because every time somebody say something about her she gotta do something to them like get Angie fired
    U can’t be mad at the hoes be mad at that tired ass ugly ass man u got.
    I never liked Bey it was always something & the insecurity was probably it. She always over compensated in DC group & always tried to ask so perfect in interviews. That man really did a number on her with all the miscarriages. Lawd what a mess

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