October 1, 2022

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24 thoughts on “What’s Up Next!!! What to Look Forward To

  1. Love it! You should spill some tea on Halsey and G Eazy they seemed to have def sold their soul. Her song haunting makes me think of somethings U have mentioned.

    1. Yes!!!! Was thinking about that just last week. Did you see his interview on TBC?! They met at a PUFF PARTY. See what this page do?? I know too much now.

  2. I was sooo hurt when i went to look for you guys on IG i knew it was a matter of time they were not gonna let your sugarBabies Live….. #CanWeLive

    1. Are you accessing on the computer and on a phone? If it ever says “unauthorized” just log in. Please let me know if you need any additional help

      1. Ok, I am not quite understanding because the whole site is on Word Press. I am sorry that it shows unauthorized at times, but just go where you are able to see the posts.

      2. The site on my safari I can see the app keeps saying unauthorized how do I get it to not say this? . Bc on the web it’s says I’m logged in but when I go to look at a story on the app I see unauthorized. It makes no sense.

      3. Do you have a wordpress app? If so, can you log in to this website on the app to prevent it from saying “unauthorized”?

      4. Yes that’s where I go to first.. and I’m already logged in on the site as I mentioned in one of the earlier messages.

      5. The best I can see from technical support is that this is an issue with the app. The app has some bugs that need to be fixed which is affecting viewing the content. I am in contact with the app developers and will get you an answer.

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