Sorry For The Glitch

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Hey Sugar Babies,

There was a glitch in the system that prevented a lot of you from registering or requesting new passwords, but IT HAS BEEN FIXED.


Sorry for the inconvenience 😘


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I am a filmmaker one half of the infamous Clark brothers. I am co-CEO for BlokTv the hottest urban mediatakeout show in the tri state area. I am also the correspondent for the people. I get out there and i get you the exclusives before they even hit the street. I live by the mantra "It's not who you know, It's who knows you" and Everyone knows Heaven Hollywood
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22 thoughts on “Sorry For The Glitch

      1. Still trying to figure why I can’t like comments and post that you made..I like showing I enjoy what I read, but it never registers my like.

      2. Exactly what I said.. The like button doesn’t allow be like it… It will say 5 bloggers liked this post..I click the like option and the screen goes blank..I refresh and it will not show liked.. I’m but trying to be difficult.. Just want to be about to like post and comments as support on your actual site… In the app it’s completely different

      3. whatever isn’t giving you problems use that. I would have to ask tech support why you cant like the comment

  1. Now I usually like to think I have common sense😳😏 buuuuutttt I’m a lil unsure about something. I’m a month to month subbie…how do I pay each month…the spillth3sugar gmail? If so, is their confirmation it was received? Thanks.

    1. Click the “Account” button at the top of the page in the menu and it will give you information about when your membership expires as well as allows you to renew and change your plan.

  2. I was afraid to sign up bc off all the complaints on IG. I signed up, got the email immediately. Went through easy as pie💃🏽

    1. goes to show you shouldn’t listen to other people. complaining about 4 quarters is ridiculous when within 24 hours u can just get a refund. the people complaining on ig weren’t following instructions

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