September 29, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Members Only

  1. The log in page just stays on the same main page for me. I went to the “account” tab and then hit “change password” is that cool? Or do I have to get a link n stuff?

  2. Quick question, I changed my password but now I am reading over at spillthesuguar on ig that I should have been mailed a new one. Can someone tell me what I need to do to not lose access. I have been here from the start and want to stay. Thanks

    1. Ok I can view it on the actual website but WordPress won’t let me view it. I’m fine with that as long as I can see it!!!!

  3. I been unauthorized to view. Why it keep saying that. I been a member. Somebody need to get this right. The old members having problems with login. We can read anything. We can only view the blog. Change password and all.

    1. The issue has been resolved. Sorry for the delay. You can access the account using your username or email. Try to get new password now.

  4. I am unable to view memer login to request a new email and I unable to do so under the my account page. If I hit become a sugar baby it doesn’t give me an option to do anything..What else should I try

  5. I’m trying to pay bc I’m new, i went to become a sugar baby and it doesn’t say register, it only says enter username and password and log in, but I’ve never registered so i don’t have a username or password, even when i tried to put it thru, it’s saying invalid username and password. Where do i register?

      1. I’m sorry to ruin the comments here but i still don’t have access to the site since the change. I’m logged in but stays unauthorized. What can I do ? Thanks

  6. Hello, I’ve been a member before 3/20 and I’ve tried to reset my password. I’m not able to view content on word press nor the site. I clicked on forgot my password and it states that a link has been sent to my email but there isn’t a link there. I have checked my spam and all other mailboxes on my yahoo account.

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