July 1, 2022

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22 thoughts on “We were disabled on Instagram

  1. This unfortunate… It’s the purge of Truth tellers… They don’t want us awake and enlightened to this charade if a world we live in

  2. I’m stalking the blog site for new posting G, they can’t hold you back and please don’t get discouraged you are all the entertainment I have, I need you!🙈😂

  3. Wow smh that sucks. Thank god for this page. I really respect what you do and you have really open my eyes up more since I’ve been following you. I appreciate it.

  4. I was wondering why I hadn’t received any recent notifications. Oh well, I enjoy the blog more anyway.

  5. G, we hate that it happened. However we know how you work and will come back like no other! Just let us know how we can help since we stalk this site ❤️

  6. Wow, I was on there searching for you; like I know I saw her this morning! I am glad you’re okay. Just like one of you’ve said: They can’t hide the truth! Praying for you & will meet you here whenever & when your ready to post!

  7. Wow…I was commenting on so much your postings late last night. I was thinking that you were posting some awesome stuff! What a shame. SMH. Glad to support you in here.

  8. First thing I said was they got her. Damn. But I’m glad you have this platform. I knew it was gonna happen but I’m glad you told us more than they think you should have!

  9. They dont want the truth out there… but i’ve learned so much, they cant stop everybody! We’ll just spread the word!!!!

  10. The fact that they’ve disabled you means that there must some truth that they do not want ppl to easily access. Mad weird and contradictory if you were spewing non truths!

  11. I enjoy the blog, too many haters on IG and it doesn’t help that some so called sugar babies are repeating what they see in the blog on other IG blogs. I’ve been here on the blog from the start, I know all the hard work and sleepless nights you’ve put into this blog! We all appreciate you G

  12. Wow!!! I was looking for yall! It was too quite. I missed y’all on there but at least you’re still here.

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