October 6, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Is Britney Spears Cloned?

  1. I absolutely believe it. It’s so blatantly obvious. This chick looks nothing like Britney, sounds nothing like her and acts nothing like her.

  2. I knew she was cloned along time ago. After her melt down and she came back I always said she does not dance the same. When Brittney Spears first came out, that girl could dance and I always said, “She can dance for a white girl,” and after her break down she was horrible with dancing. I try to tell people but they think your crazy. Also I remember when I was in high school and the news had introduced the first cloned sheep named Daisy. Wake up people. They test it on animals first, then humans. Just like the chip that people put in their animals.
    Did they take down your IG page because it does not exist anymore?

  3. I know this is old news but i want to hear more about Avril Lavigne if you know anything, deeper than what the internet has out already

  4. I am starting to believe this as well although I still think her Kenzo photos were photo shopped but I was a fan of Britney and noticed the drastic changes around the time of her meltdown. Her Dance moves, Her eyes ( which looks soulless) and I follow her on IG and she always looks “dead” and strung out. Not to mention her fashions are horrible these days and her hair always looks crazy and dirty. I always knew the Britney that always kept up with herself.
    Also It seems your IG is deleted. Probably the people who kept tagging the celebs and about this post but most importantly, I just hope you are alright.

  5. I’m so pissed right now! They deleted your IG…These Weak Mothafuckaz can’t take the truth…It had to be The Illuminati Queen Beyoncé that had your IG deleted

  6. I believe she was cloned too… She’s a cash cow to them… Ik something was up when she was never allowed to regain control over get finances… Then who gets a residency in Vegas at 30.. That was too young… And as soon as they built that expensive stage… Ppl were complaining like… Hey she doesn’t sound the same… And viola… They couldn’t hide it no more… So they just had this fake Britney admit to lipsyncing sometimes bc of choreography and sound issues… Nope Issa clone…. And I never knew the name of her clone… Myah Marie… How was that verified I wonder…

  7. I bet your page got deleted because there were way too many people tagging celebs..fuck it up for everybody else

  8. OH YES! the br!tney lynn spears you all know and love has NOT i repeat has NOT been seen since early 2002 contrary to what you think! she tried to sue her father but he alerted her label at the time and the plan was set into motion to get her “reprogrammed” because she had began looking into her accounts and finances more closely as she was getting older and wanted more control but it was not made public until late 04 around the time when she was pregnant with her first child they did not want the info garnering negative press so it was overshadowed with the news of her first child instead! stay woke!

      1. I am still trying to process that are they dead? are they all in one place? I mean its so unbelievable but too many people say its real

  9. I believe it. She wasn’t the same after her meltdown. I believe Eminem & Gucci Mane are clones as well. Not sure about Rick Ross yet but after seeing those pics with Gucci Mane after getting out the hospital looking extra slim has got me wondering.

    1. I believe it too. I also believe when Nicki Minaj come out of her hiding place she will not look the same or talk the same. I think the real Nicki been gone since December of 2017.

  10. Like you said G. if you’re s real fan you know that distinct Britt voice and her dynamic dance moves… It’s so disturbing my question is do what do they do with the real ppl? Are they like in hybination or dead?

  11. I believe it… I really grew up listening to her and I loved to watch her dance and now I can’t listen to anything from her except her early stuff and even watching her on tv is painful so if you were a real fan you should be able to see the difference.

  12. So where is the real Brittney?
    I thought when she performed at the award show (mtv I think, can’t remember), they drugged her up
    And wanted to finish her- idk- now I wonder if that was clones first performance?

    1. I can tell you about all the other stuff I am not gonna lie i dont know much about this clone shit. some people say they kill them some people say they store the bodies somewhere i dont know man

  13. This gave me chills! Now I know she’s not crazy. Well, honestly I’ve never thought she was. She just didn’t look herself now all of a sudden she “bounced” back to herself? I’ve always been a Britney fan and it was weird when her and her music became less. 💔

    Anyway, I looked for your page as I do everytime to get my fix, on IG and I automatically figured your page got deleted. Luckily I have this as a backup coz I wouldn’t find any other page as interesting as yours! Thanks Gina, you’re a life saver.

  14. i truly enjoy your blog but i know a few facts about this whole story but Britney Spears is not cloned. She may be on heavy medicated drugs and a little mk but she is not cloned she is very much still Brintey. The original doll album was her speaking out album because the exectuives at jive/interscope wanted to form a girl group based off the sound of her In The Zone album , they saw the direction music was going and how alot of pop girls were gearing to lean toards that sound and at the time they were working closeley wit Nicole Sczhzinger hice why britney has a problem with the pussycat dolls and nicole. The labels been tryna make Nicole this huge pop princess especially to take britney spot cus she was really over the industry and wanted out. But it never worked for nicole and britney personal life took a hit and she was kinda forced to stay in the business. Break the Ice was a sequal video to brinteys toxic character in her music video, Brtney is not cloned but she is so shooken up and torn by the industry but they wont dare hurt her or get rid of her she knows to much they know to muchshe’s better of dead then replaced. even now no pop girl has yet to match the success and prescence britney posses.

  15. That’s so crazy. And i feel like they made that one video just to say hey we’re gonna tell the truth and no one will believe it. Just to throw it in her face and mock her.

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