October 1, 2022

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7 thoughts on “People Are Not Trying To Hear Diddy’s Craig Mack Rip’s

  1. The music industry is very evil. They just use people and thrown them away on to the next big thing smh.
    Remember Diddy did the same thing to MJB when Faith came on the scene. MJB didn’t talk to him for a long time after that. Diddy tried to act like he didn’t know why they fell out. It’s messed up how they do people make all that money off of them and then forget about them smh.

    1. If you notice, none of his artists go past one or two albums. Its like they come out and then they disappear.

  2. He wanted nothing to do with that bad boy reunion either . One has to wonder why people leave the industry and go straight to the lord .

  3. They are right to call out Diddy. He never was good to his artists on his label for some apparent reason and it’s well documented. That video of Craig Mack, him and Biggie doing an interview was incredible. You can see the expression on Craigslist Mack’s face. It was cringey… 😕

    RIP to an underrated talented artist. Condolences to Craig Mack’s family.

  4. steeb!e steeb!e is only performing one of the many VH1/Monami (along with other parties) rituals to stay afloat and to keep their support during his (child support fiasco) which is why he is calling out someone of D!ddly D!ddy’s caliber. this industry aint for the faint of heart!!!! they BOTH are guilty of how they treated Cr@ig and steeb!e is in ENOUGH boiling water so he did this (minimal) effort ritual to stay in the good graces he is currently in! notice how he couldnt just rip to cr@ig without taking a passive aggressive subliminal shot at D!ddly? its not by accident …. trust…. steeb!e steeb!e BEEN in the Danger ZONE a l o n g time!

  5. Can you talk abouy why Diddy never has successful artists. They always stop after one album. Its sad cause they are amazing artists too!

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