September 29, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Jayne Kennedy

  1. Damn G! Jayne was my idol in college! I went for telecommunications and journalism. She was gorgeous. My mom always HATED her husband smh. i can’t wait ty for this!

  2. Oh my, Im scared to know what he was doing to her, smh…please G fill us in. I hate to hear stories about this.

  3. I remember that tape, man she was a freak, I never liked him but was always a fan of her she was and is still beautiful.. looking forward to more of this vintage tea

  4. Where is the tea.. Why can’t deadlines be met as to when you say..I need the tea consistently bc I truly value the blog… And I’ll continue to support you here and on IG. However, it does bother me that you say coming “Monday”.. What Monday.. or when you give the entire story on the IG page and then you get here and it’s just a paragraph difference between the two sites.. It upsets me as a paying member bc…I don’t like that unpaid followers read what I pay for..I know why you do this method… But sometimes… Less is best… Or Cliff hangers after two paragraphs.. Just an observation that would help make a paying member feel semi inferior to unpaid followers… Next I love to see.. At least 5 to 7 stories posted..2 to 3 blind items or short PR story… That will make this membership feel valuable…I like to come and spend hours reading on your site vs… Checking only to see if the blog as anything new I didn’t already see on IG minus a paragraph difference… As members, I’m sure I’m not the only one that would help as an option to help you out.. We can vote on your choice of stores that you want be able to cover during the month.. Idk.. Again.. Please don’t take this as me being rude or a hater… Just suggestions and a plea for more consistency of your tea… You do drop the truth… But sometimes it’s far in between and has ppl like me… Upset that I have new notification from here of new tea.

    1. I agree tho!! When I first started my membership and finally got logged into the site I stayed up all night reading the stories and by the time I was ready to lay down my one year old was waking up to start the day lls

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