August 16, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Bow Wow and Chris Brown Situation

  1. yes becz see Chr!s is a *May* Taurus so he can hold a grudge but never really show his emotions behind it (to a certain extent) b0w on the other hand is a *March* Pisces and sometimes he does things impulsively without thinking of the long term effects it can have for him (aka this Chris Brown/Soulja situation) but although chr!s is spinning this goldenly so far in the media he is not going to be pressured to forgive and forget (by having it acknowledged in a song) until CHR!S is ready………… so chill b0w when he’s ready he will talk to you!

  2. Lol…Chris, Trey, and The Game Had a pact in LA where they smash pass around. Friends BFF smashed The Game and Chris on-going and they both knew about it. Oh and they only smashed racially ambiguous females. The pact was No darks skin girls. Don’t believe me look at how LA clubs are set up or just Google supper club pics from 2011 to 14/15. Pretty or not Hardly any Dark skin girls (except me smh) were allowed in because that’s where those three LIVEDDDD on tuesdays. Fun times tho

  3. I loved bow to when I was younger but as he grew up idk his attitude just changed to me. I just wish he would he would be consistent with his music. He should’ve put out different song first than this.

  4. I don’t like how folk treated Shad, he nice on the tracks and a bomb actor. These “new noggas” just love to train ride and Bow been the conductor for a hot minute 🙄 that shit played

  5. Any knowledge about Bow wow hanging out with Wack after wack got chris brown house robbed “allegedly”?? Heard that was a reason as well.

  6. @icydknow Gina, eventually, can you do a story on Eazy E & how he died. The AIDS situation. Straight Outta Compton just aired on TV and his death just seems suspicious. Also, Suge did a Jimmy Kimmel interview back in the day that just is side eye worthy.

  7. I would love to hear more about Ayisha Diaz…She messed around with a few rappers…I’m a get the All Access so I can get the info that I need from you G

      1. Yeah G Ayisha Diaz always seems to be going on Vacations 🤔 Lira Galore…Maddy Morebucks…Miracle Watts…So many of these IG Ho’s be traveling and I know that booking hosting Parties are not paying all of their bills for them to just pick up and go

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