July 2, 2022

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24 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Secret Fight Between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

  1. It’s funny cause safaree was trying to tell people nicki was being fake with the cardi support .

  2. I love Nicki I really do but I wish she wasn’t so bitchy. She’s been in the game a long time people are going to remember her, so she doesn’t need to have this attitude with Cardi.

  3. This whole thing makes me like Nicki Minaj even more. You cant deny all her music after this long for a ratchet Love and Hip Hop reality character. Yea Cardi is young and appeals to young people but damn she is sooo ghetto. My mom even asked me why they are doing this to Nicki and my mom has no clue about hip hop and is a old ass lady lol

  4. Is this lady pregnant and due in July ?? I honestly didn’t think they were in a legit real relationship. I thought they probably would grow in one another but all the extra gifting and PDA was all to keep up the fronts that this is a legit thing they had going. What does a pregnancy do to your career this early in? But from what TMZ has reported it will have no effect in her. She’ll be on tour with Bruno right after bc she stands to make 11 mil. Who knows for real but WOW!!!!

  5. Idk why cardi acting like she hard or can fight we saw you getting your ass beat on YouTube 😂😂😂

  6. I am with Nicki! Cardi is not her friend! She is too cozy with the enemies, Remy and Lil Kim! I would shade her as well! She was never going to friends with Cardi!

  7. So I guess the Cardi being under mkultra isn’t true because I don’t think they would allow her to get pregnant so soon in her career.

    1. He definitely did because he loves nick but drake can hold a grudge. I love Nicki but I feel the industry had her jaded so Cardi never had a chance with her . Truly a shame because Cardi is cool as fuck this I know . They could’ve been a force instead of wasting time on beef .

  8. Idk, maybe my eyes & brain playing tricks on me because the way I read this & was thinking…I sensed a setup for Nicki to be jumped & not fought one/one😒…come on son, u got bitches in the back screaming for u and u ranting & raving talking about “on sight”….when evidence shows that all she & her sister diluted liquor do is jump ppl…& still don’t prosper in a fight when they do😴😪….I mean she got some 🎵bops🎶🎵but bitch really, we trying to set up fake meetings to try & ambush somebody because clearly they don’t like u for legit reasons? Couldn’t have been me because I would’ve called the bitch bluff & showed up with my bitches & have my bitches beat her ass!

  9. In the future Cardi is going to be in the same position as Nikki (industry issues, record company trying to deactivate her, etc.). And she’ll think back and remember this moment.

    1. Exactly! It’s history repeating itself, the same thing was done to lil Kim when Nikki hit the scene. Karma…Industry shenanigans 🤦🏾‍♀️ Why people don’t see it for what it is is beyond me, but hey I digress!

    2. No because Cardi is a bitch where she don’t practice the mirror effect. She go make it all about her. Remember her last reunion taunting Asia? Did you ever hear her say karma got me good with this dude I’m with now?

  10. This sugar is sooo sweet! Cardi tried to call her up to put Nicki in her place and she hy her with, “speak to my assistant” lmaooo. I know Cardi was tight as fuck!

  11. All i have to say is that I live for Onika. Stan 100%. She’s allowed to feel how she feels and want to defend her throne because of what dirty Atlantic is doing to her through belcalis. Issa shame cause cardi can’t even see it she’s so young and wet behind the ears with this industry. She gets so stressed out from what people say in the comments on social media. She has to build thicker skin if she’s going to be in this industry cause one week they love you the next they hate, as long as within both of those weeks she still got paid I wouldn’t even care. That’s what comes with the territory periodt. Like G said they never have to be besties or anything all this shit is about business.

  12. Cardi pipe down Nicki 10 years older than you , ain’t nobody got time to fight you. The fans will fight you when that album flop.😂😘

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