September 29, 2022

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39 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Secret Relationship Of Tupac and YoYo

  1. I tell you that Tupac when he fucked with you he fucked with you…his relationship with left eye and Jada and YoYo was so intense.

      1. Yessss me 2😥….. I’m here picturing a movie in my head lol expecially the part with him in the hospital 😢

    1. Who knows😕Lisa died, I don’t think Jada would leave will and I really don’t think him and kidada would have lasted 🤔you never know

  2. Wow!!! That’s love. Is it crazy I’m jealous?! Lord! My mother loved PAC! My almost 70 year old mother. My father was quoting his rhymes. Like he had so many people were under his spell!!! Love him.

    Side note idk why I’m showing up like I don’t have an account. I’ve looked like 10 times and I’m logged in. I mean I can see all the post but me commenting doesn’t show up by my account name. Weird.

  3. I love pac Its amazing how he touched and left an impact on everyone he has ever came into contact with no matter what the relationship . Salute to the realist to ever do it ..
    thanks for the tea G

  4. This sooo sad 😢 But for some reason in my heart of hearts I just don’t think this man is dead. I know he got shot but I believe he lived. He’s in Cuba chilling. Ppl have spotted him one lady lost her job at a hospital there bc he was admitted for seizures and she told her American cousin. Why would she be fired if it wasn’t really him. Also explains why YoYo completely went under the radar. She knows something that we don’t 🙏🏽

    1. He’s dead. With everything going on in the public pertaining to his name, Pac wouldn’t sit. He was humble but arrogant. So if he would’ve survived, we would have known.

      1. There’s an article that just came out talking about Tupac’s faked death. You can google it. Allegedly, a member of the security team that smuggled him out of the country came forward and talked about how they did it. He has footage of the plane they flew on and all of the details.They’re talking about it a lot overseas but not over here.

      1. Nope. Read the cointelpro . They wanted him out of here. The govt isn’t protecting any Shakur’s… come on ppl 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. Dang!! This was an interesting tea G! Had no idea..PAC had such an impact on women whom he cherish dearly. Very interesting.

    1. Yes, she mentioned it in her Unsung episode. Even said how she was at the hospital when he got shot in Vegas.

  6. I did know him yoyo was kicking it at one point… But I knew she had a man and that didn’t stop Pac… However to find out it was a real thing… I’m glad to hear that… But OMG those details about Tupac middle finger missing… Never ever heard all these years… That was a shocker and tea.

  7. Wow… that’s rough.. I always just knew cube and yo yo had a thing early on.. didn’t see this one coming

  8. Gina, speaking of Kidada, didn’t she have a very public relationship with ll cool j while he had a whole family at home???

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