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The Truth Behind The Beef Between Tiny Harris and Lisa ” Left Eye” Lopes


This is one of those Beef’s that hardly anyone knew about. You have  to know someone in the circle  or you would have had to be in the mix yourself

But this took place around 93-94 somewhere in there.  Now Xscape  was out they came out right after TLC they were Jermaine Dupri’s  group and Because they came out around the same time  as TLC they were always compared to each other.  Now Lisa Left Eye Lopes was the rapper of the group TLC and for some reason  probably because of skin complexion she and Tiny would always get compared. Now Xscape and TLC never came out and had a formal beef but a lot of people feel as though that was Jermaine’s answer to TLC because he was really involved with TLC from the start and always felt as though the whole persona of TLC was created by himself. Anyway these two ended up involved in a situation and it had nothing to do with them having a problem with each other.

So Tupac was hanging out a lot in Atlanta in the  mid 90’s and I mean during this time  that little time between 93-96  Tupac was  probably the most sought after man in the industry especially amongst  the black community, Now Tiny was a huge Tupac fan and Pac knew who Xscape was cause Pac would say ” I don’t know about what biggie talking about y’all some sexy sisters So Pac used to come around and hang out with them and Salt and Pepa  would be in Atl and he would hang with them. Now Tiny got word to PAC that she wanted to get up and  according to everyone I have spoken to  they have all said. There is no way Pac didn’t fuck”  Tiny can make it seem all innocent  on tv  because of Tip but they go a couple of times” This one source told me.  One of the outlaws years ago when asked about this  Confirmed the story by saying ” If any girl sweated PAC and made it clear what she wanted, trust me Pac would tell me ” don’t be calling me to a hotel then want to play cards and cuddle when I get there” So The story goes that they hooked up a couple  of times. now here comes the problem  Pac was seeing Left eye  at the time  of course on and off  because Left eye was still  off and on with Andre Rison. Now Pac had to stop hanging out with Tiny because of Left eye and Pac would say ” i really don’t want her to find out  and Tiny would tell him  but she got Andre anyway” The outlaw member told me Tiny started like trying to shade Lisa on the low  like ” she can’t do anything for you   she got a man anyway”  and ” you better be careful she be burning houses down”   Now publicly this never got out  but Pac and Lisa was very close  and Left eye was also cool with xscape  but as I think back  Pac and Lisa had developed a relationship that you couldn’t Explain and they were feelign each other hard,  so I don’t know if he ever told her. But what if he did? That means Lisa went to her grave thinking ” none of these bitches can be trusted” I still do not have any proof  that Lisa and Tiny were not talking before her death  from what I know she  and Xscape were still cool. But the beef was something Left eye didn’t even know about and Tiny didn’t have a problem with Lisa she just wanted Pac  and Tiny know I’m telling the truth

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  1. Dang, that was my Senior year in high school. And to think about it, you wouldn’t even know they were beefing. They were in the “Not Tonight” video and “The Freedom” video together and we still wouldn’t have known. Now that’s how grown women handle beef. Among themselves.

    1. Yea the times before people was given a voice via social media. The only reason we know of celeb beef now is because they are quick to run to social media for validation. Back in our days the 90’s-Early 2000’s there was no social media so people had to handle their differences in a more adult fashion without the cameras watching!

  2. yea he had something physical with T!ny
    it was spiritual with Lis@ she understood him in a way only they knew about
    thx for the sugar

  3. Lisa had PAC had something significant. Interesting…However, did PAC started dating Kidada Jones around this time or was it closer to when he passed? She and PAC seem to share that deep level like he had with Lisa. I wonder what Lisa thought of Kidada Jones and her engagement to PAC?🤔

  4. Omg I was a younging back then but THIS WAS MY ERA growing up! I listened to every one of these artists especially XSCAPE And I still listen to their music THIS VERY SECOND. So thats why I love this blog cause you talk bout MY ERA.
    Man I still have the biggest crush on tupac I was young but I was SO IN LOVE with tupac n I used to feel all tingly inside at a young girl not even knowing wtf I was feeling lmao. It amazes me all the shit that.used to go on behind the scenes that none of us had no clue about. Shit if I was famous back in those days I would of had COUPLE BABIES with tupac!!!!!! I swear to gawdddddd! I love that man so much.
    I would of seduced his ass every damn chance I get and I HAVE SEEN TINY CONFESSED to a fling with tupac. It was with a side smile, a smirk and a blush but she didn’t say THEY HAD SEX but it was like a YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN moment lol women know that body language and LINGO.

  5. I swear everybody in the industry just swapping juices .. if I ever get to where I wanna get in the biz I’m neeverr touching anybody beyond a handshake.. *low key jealous tiny got that pac peen tho*

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