July 2, 2022

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14 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Tiny Harris and Lisa ” Left Eye” Lopes

  1. Dang, that was my Senior year in high school. And to think about it, you wouldn’t even know they were beefing. They were in the “Not Tonight” video and “The Freedom” video together and we still wouldn’t have known. Now that’s how grown women handle beef. Among themselves.

    1. Yea the times before people was given a voice via social media. The only reason we know of celeb beef now is because they are quick to run to social media for validation. Back in our days the 90’s-Early 2000’s there was no social media so people had to handle their differences in a more adult fashion without the cameras watching!

  2. yea he had something physical with T!ny
    it was spiritual with Lis@ she understood him in a way only they knew about
    thx for the sugar

  3. Lisa had PAC had something significant. Interesting…However, did PAC started dating Kidada Jones around this time or was it closer to when he passed? She and PAC seem to share that deep level like he had with Lisa. I wonder what Lisa thought of Kidada Jones and her engagement to PAC?🤔

  4. Omg I was a younging back then but THIS WAS MY ERA growing up! I listened to every one of these artists especially XSCAPE And I still listen to their music THIS VERY SECOND. So thats why I love this blog cause you talk bout MY ERA.
    Man I still have the biggest crush on tupac I was young but I was SO IN LOVE with tupac n I used to feel all tingly inside at a young girl not even knowing wtf I was feeling lmao. It amazes me all the shit that.used to go on behind the scenes that none of us had no clue about. Shit if I was famous back in those days I would of had COUPLE BABIES with tupac!!!!!! I swear to gawdddddd! I love that man so much.
    I would of seduced his ass every damn chance I get and I HAVE SEEN TINY CONFESSED to a fling with tupac. It was with a side smile, a smirk and a blush but she didn’t say THEY HAD SEX but it was like a YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN moment lol women know that body language and LINGO.

  5. I swear everybody in the industry just swapping juices .. if I ever get to where I wanna get in the biz I’m neeverr touching anybody beyond a handshake.. *low key jealous tiny got that pac peen tho*

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