October 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Brandy and Monica part 5

  1. Monica been petty as hell & Brandy is too emotional and thin skinned. Easy target.
    Sidebar: Could we re-visit the Shakir Stewart story ?

    1. I think cive oversaw that Whitney apparently owed him a lot of money that he had landed to her when she got in the red spending all her money on lawyers and drugs then things to cover up the drugs losing endorsements and shows because she was always high she was worth more dead to clive then alive because whitney didn’t wrote her own songs she was the face and the voice she could vocal arrange that was it i think clive was embarrassed. he was trying to bring her back and she kept reverting back to drugs so he sent butter boy ray j after she had finally stopped doing drugs to get her back on it . an somehow i believe he gave her some bad drugs on purpose that’s my theory i am not sure if Ray meant to kill her bur I believe he was suppose to get her hooked back on rugs therfroe messing up that last chance that clive gave her her label would then make clive her coveoutsgiphip l ike they did britney spears giving him all access and overseeyer of all her money and estate.

  2. How did Whitney become her godmother? Was this something that happened after she was famous? Or did her family always know Whitney houston

  3. Smh! Something has always annoyed me about Monica. She seems to try way too hard to make people see that she’s down to earth and “real”. I don’t know something about her just doesn’t sit well with me, she’s “cousins” and “friends” with everyone in the industry let her tell it 😂 Her IG posts are way too long and holier than thou…just too much! I do like brandy, but I agree she’s way too thinned skin, she should just pay Monica dust.

    1. Yup 100% agree. I was going to comment that exact same thing. She gives me that impression too. Also, good point on Brandy.

      This beef all in all is very pretty.

  4. So now Cardi B has an album coming next month…April…coincidentally the same month Nicki is releasing hers… I’m not a huge NM fan but I hope she pushes her album further out- starve them…

  5. I knew the drama was behind Whitney!!! I always thought Whitney favored Monica more and Brandy had an issue with that. It all makes sense now!!! Brandy knows the truth…she knows her ain’t shit brother had a hand in Whitney’s demise. Best believe Brandy will forever be fucked up behind that.

  6. She was close to both, Nippy had a different relationship type between the two young ladies. Monica was more of her homegirl, her little sister reminded her of herself the way she carried herself. Brandy was more of a mentor, mentee relationship she was her idol and she played the role, until Brandy got that wake up call when Bobby and Whitney were in her bathroom during a party getting high which put a strain on their relationship for years.

    Brandy has stepped into the role of cementing Whitney as her “godmother” which was from the cinderella show, to upcoming generation.

    Someone beat Whitney up that day there was a producer who states he heard a male voice in that room and a loud thud. Nippy made it to easy for them when she admitted the drug use, you see Bobby dodges the question and puts distance in years with his use of drugs.

      1. I believe so that is why Sonja found it in her right to make sure to say her son was not even in the vicinity.

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