July 6, 2022

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24 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Brandy and Monica Part 4

  1. I didn’t even know Brandy had any albums come out after that full moon album. Last i knew she got pregnant by some fat guy and killed someone while driving.

    As for Monica, last i remember is So Gone album and she married a Lakers player… no clue they even reunited or were still making music . Damn Where have I been?!

  2. In 2010 Monica was coming off the success of her latest album Still Standing (Everything to and, & Love All Over Me), and a successful Tour with Trey Songs

    In 2011 Brandy signed a distribution deal through RCA( Monica’s label at the time). As Monica was preparing to to release her follow up to her album Still Standing, The heads of the label thought it would be a great idea for a reunion song (It All Belongs to Me) being that Brandy was now technically on RCA, and they had already sent Monica back in the studio to record with Rico Love. The label had a lot riding on this reunion, Promo, video, performances,Tour, and they would headline Clive’s Grammy Party.

    Things fell apart for this song during the interview with Angie Martinez, when Monica confirmed what I’m sure everyone had already suspected, there was an altercation 14 years prior. She said she apologized then and Brandy embrassingly confirmed she did.

    I personally didn’t see what the big deal was, They were teenagers, and it happened 14 years prior to the fact. From what I’ve heard not only was Brandy camp pissed but so was RCA. Monica’s New Life album was released shortly after with questionable promo selling 69k in its first week, & Brandy released TWO Eleven months later selling between 65k in its first week. Not to long after that her distrution deal was dropped by RCA, & Monica 2015 Monica released her final album to her RCA deal.

    1. and what did they sell? exactly and if i need help with someone telling stories i already know ill call you. That is a main petpeeve of mine. If you got stories go start a blog and put them on there

      1. first Monica’s Still Standing album was certified Gold in 2010, neither New Life nor Two Eleven surpasses that mark. If I wanted to know the exact numbers of those albums, I would go to a more reliable source like RIAA or even Chart Data 😂

        This is your blog & your version of accounts do you boo

  3. Brandy’s face alone lets me know whatever that note said wasn’t good. And Whitney avoided Brandy at all cost. She loved on everyone but barely Brandy. Even Clive looked at Brandy like what the hell is that? Gives me chills.

  4. Good read…..but this raises more questions….. (1) what exactly was on that note Whitney gave to Brandy? (2) I never understood why Brandy was so possessive of Whitney Houston when it was clear Whitney was close to both of them (Brandy and Monica) as well as other singers?…. (3) Why did Monica confirm the fight between her and Brandy? (4) Why in the hell did Brandy go on a tirade back in 2016 when Monica resurfaced due to the “So Gone Challenge?” I have alot more questions…..plus what is the real story regarding Monica and the suicide of her then boyfriend (yes I know that’s old)

    1. The suicide of her bf is something I’d really want to know. Whitney wasn’t as close as Monica would of loved. No where near as close as she was with Brandy. In this video alone you can tell the most important person to Whitney in this video is Brandy.

    2. Yes because while people constantly bring up Brands accident that killed someone people either forgot or didn’t know that Monica’s boyfriends family did not believe her story about the suicide and thought there was more to the story..hmmmm….

  5. Angie is messy smh and monica is indeed a petty girl. Not cute at all. Monica will never take Brandy’s spot as Cinderella.

  6. That interview sound like Mo & AM maybe had a previous ‘private’ convo about what happened before it aired….just my opinion.

  7. That’s crazy. But we already know the note definitely said something about Whitney knowing she will die soon, and Clive is behind it.

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