October 1, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Monica and Brandy Part 3

  1. Interesting… Brandy saying..”did you see that”…I so could hear her saying that… But I didn’t know they came to actual blows… So did I read this correctly… Brandy got hemmed up twice by Monica or just once?

  2. I loved Monica!! I love brandy music but personality wise from what they show mo is just so down to earth and not bitchy, she just takes no shit

  3. B seems like she can do a lot of lip service (no pun intended) whereas Mo will just whoop a$$ & talk later.

  4. I would have punched her in the face too, Brandy do too much. You don’t point your finger in nobody face and think you not gonna get fucked.

  5. now the difference is they could pull this pr stunt with singers BUT
    with rappers especially FEMALE rappers this would be a gold mind pr move but because of ego’s it has yet to be done ……successfully that is……
    N!ck! and C@rdi would body a pr move like this BUT because they have already been pitted against each other since day one it would be nxt to impossible and their fans would not support it even thou it would be very VERY lucrative for both ladies….
    but with singers this move got Br@ndy and Mon!ca both a grammy bcz like i said it was a VERY lucrative marketing move by both of their camps

  6. Crazy how they both ended up close to Whitney… Don’t take it personal was my song! You’re right about Brandy’s beats tho- they were on point… Angel in disguise- i swear your blog makes me so nostalgic in a good way 🙌🏼💖

  7. Lol I was younger when this song came out. Even without social media, u could tell shit was off, but this is Getting crazy!!

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