September 29, 2022

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16 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Beef Between Brandy and Monica Part 2

  1. Yes!!! I was always Brandy, and my younger sis was Monica!! Lol, I peeped the beef at 4 years old!!! 😂😂😂

  2. Good tea, but you pretty much are giving the same tea on instagram for free, I would shortened up the information on there so they will come to the blog to see the rest.. lol you only especially since you keep getting deleted.. Just a suggestion ..

    1. Not true they are only getting excerpts they will have to join the blog if they want the entire thing

      1. G. That’s me as Ceylon M. I am the same person. But you are so right! ❤👏❤👏❤👏❤👏❤👏❤

  3. I always thought Monica was a better singer. With You, Before you Walk Out of My Life, Dont Take it Personal. She just was ghetto and dating drug dealers… She was never gonna be mainstream. Brandy just was wholesome and more marketable.

    I remember back in the day people saying she didn’t even sing properly and that she sang through her nose.

  4. I liked both of them but I liked Monica better because she never hid who she was. It seemed like “they” kept wanting to paint this wholesome picture of Brandy even though she was doing some slick shit behind the scenes. Especially that whole “marriage” ish.

  5. I liked both honestly but leaned toward Brandy alot more. Monica’s first 2 albums were good then she got a lil hood afterwards. Never knew ppl thought she was ghetto either. Overall, A Scorpio and Aquarius do not make good friends. Not always. Hell, I barely get along with my own Scorpio sister.

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