July 1, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Site Technical Issues fixing them

  1. My apologies in advance if you already stated this in a previous post but do these technical difficulties include registration issues? I didn’t have any issues locating the email from Word Press but the issue came once I clicked on the link which I was expecting it was going to take me to complete the registration but instead it took to the page to login (existing users) or join (to pay, which I had already done).

    1. Girl don’t feel bad at all!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop but you’re health is more important. I definitely ain’t stressing over $1 girl! It takes time to work out the kinks and we will be here regardless bcuz I truly enjoy your blog.

  2. Sorry you’re having to deal with this. 😞 I believe some of it is WP issues that’s beyond your control though.

  3. Aww thanks for keeping us sugar babies in the know, I dont know you personally, but feel like your a “real” one, every new adventure has it glitches, and your doing it while you have a 9-5. Try not to beat yourself up about it, it’s all part of the journey G. Just give us an extra sickly toothache “sugar” and we will call it even😊. Much love

  4. I just want the Brand and Monica tea lol! You’re doing great girl, don’t let this site mess with your peace

  5. How do you go ahead and pay for the next month? Or do we have to wait until March 21st to pay again?

  6. I’m sorry G! You need a tech intern or something to help you!! Don’t cry. We appreciate your hard work!!! Please don’t cry anymore!!!!

  7. G thanks for your hard work. I thank you for keeping with this. Us sugar babies need our sugar! Hang in there G.

  8. Take your time and don’t be so hard on yourself. This is all part of the process of being able to know the ins and outs of this site so that it works for you and not the other way arround. You’re doing fine boo!!

  9. Thank you! Honestly I haven’t had any issues. I waited until this month, March, to start my subscription in case there were bugs and it has been a seemless process. I paid. Got my email link right away and have had no issues. It was easy.

  10. Don’t cry G! Take your time and don’t try to over exert yourself! It’s Ok! As you say… Sugar never expires. We will be here patiently waiting. Sending you hugs and encouragement!!

  11. For every new level there is always going to be even more attacks.. You are for real saving the lives of people if they adhere to the information you are given those that want to be apart of that demonic industry… The devil is mad because you are exposing his mess so he has to cause confusion… All will be okay and it’s definitely coming together! Have patients, stay focus, and keep doing what you are doing because you definitely got this!!!

  12. Sorry it’s been a problem. Just letting you know sometimes it is issues when hitting the link from Instagram. Other than that i haven’t had any problems as long as i don’t click that link on instagram sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. Can you go to Snapchat and go private and charge and accept people and then post the tea and people can press it to read plus you will know if someone Screenshots if they are stealing it. It’s a popular thing with girls doing it for showing pictures of their body to sell so they don’t get reported. Just an 💡 idea. Because they don’t report as much and you can accept people one by one

  13. No tears G, the sugar babies got you so no worries. Everything will smooth out in all due time.

  14. I haven’t had any issues… I have switched phones and all, and I can still get in with no glitch!!!

  15. It’s ok G. We’re patient and understand what you have been trying to do. So far I’m content with what you’ve done so far.

  16. I paid for my March access in February. I was logged in with no problems. I think two days ago the blog kicked me out. I submitted my username and password that was given to me by your attorney Peter. I tried to login no luck. What is going on G

  17. It’s not you it’s WordPress. I can’t like comments anymore and at times I can’t post. We are understanding. Don’t let doubt sabotage your success! 🤗🤗🤗

  18. I haven’t had any issues. Also, how can you go back to see the list of all of the stories posted so far?

  19. Sorry that you had to deal with this. I didnt understand at first but now I do. Your human and its a learning process. Thanks for the site.

  20. It REALLY means a lot and you couldn’t have handled this more gracefully.
    Many many thanks for making it clear and taking care of business👏

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