October 1, 2022

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34 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Giselle’s Verse and Why she is So Upset part 2

  1. Am I only one who thinks Beyonce is the corniest, most pathetic person out there? Never liked her or her hubby. She seems to lack common sense and very weak minded. I mean when is she going to realize that her man doesn’t even love her and I don’t think he ever did. A cheater loves themselves. When is she going to realize that she was a business transaction, an easy target. She is going hard over that fool like a loser. Honestly, I am tired of these two demons.

    1. You are not alone. She sooo fake. And she is the biggest swagger jacker EVER!! I always feel culturally appropriated when she trying to be “original” 🙄
      I’m glad Tiffany put her on blast. It was funny. I hope she does it again😁

  2. The song was overhyped because it’s a Khalid track but I don’t see how people don’t notice the insecurities. I mean shit don’t they have a younger sister they deny ?! She stopped speaking to her dad for cheating and they were grown but forgave the camel 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Facts ! So many secrets i was trying to think while I was typing lol smh too many dark corners to keep up

      2. And she has a stepson in Trinidad… at least that’s what has been said 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. I think that’s it for Tiffany. Probably continue to see her finish out the work she has lined up already. But if you like Beyoncé or not. Tiffany talking about something private that happened at an event to such a huge star looks bad. Who is going to want her around after that. As secretive as Hollywood is. She could have done that to any body. It’s a reflection of her not being able to keep her mouth shut. Smh. I hope it’s a warning but if i was a celebrity or an event planner i wouldn’t invite her. As for the song it’s terrible. Beyoncé shouldn’t have confirmed what Tiffany said. Everyone was hype I’m like well she would have been better off making Tiffany go back and say it was just a joke. Since she is a comedian. Now it looks like insecure.

    1. And here’s the thing, I don’t think Tiff used any names when she said it. Boy hit dog will holler!

    2. I think she did get a post Oscar party invite for Jay and G BUT if I was her I would go for 2.2 seconds then be out. Nothing good will come from that invite. Trust me.

  4. Errrm, I second that!!! Where is the Monica and brandy tea? Been waiting waaayy to long for that one G 😡

  5. The song is not good. And there are a lot of other singers who need shine. I can’t take away from her hard work but she is not the best. I suggest other artist step up their pr and get to it.

  6. Poor Tiffany… I wish she would chill out a bit more because these insecure biddy’s don’t play! Who is around her? Giselle is mad corny for this corny ass track too..but shes BEEN corny and already living in her own personal hell. Queen of light my ass… smh Also, did anyone watch the Oscars last night? Why does Tiffany keep wearing that same dress??? At least alter it. Smh.

  7. Dumselle, yeah I said it, looks real dumb right about now. They talk about Jesus Christ but do you see him come down and make a diss track to every single one of us? She ain’t perfect her doggone self. And Kim ain’t stuntin on her no more. So why bring Kim in it? And I know she ain’t talking about body parts? Look at her nose, eyes,and skin. Ok then.

    1. HER Booty too..I understand kids give you booty but not Giselle’s..that look like a surgery booty just not as huge as the rest of these women’s

  8. I haven’t heard the song yet but I’m sure if/when I turn on the radio either it or a Cardi B mess will be playing.

  9. Giselle needs to hang it up and go get a personality with this corny ass sing/rap mess she put out….camel fucked her up with those horrible verses. Khaled needs to be kicked in the face to even record this shit and release it…but since the devil crew on it, these dumbass fans gonna download it and make it pop unfortunately 😒. Camel got a kid in trini I don’t care what no one says, a whole lotta money can make that situation disappear, but not earse people memory. Also Chatty Kathy said she was going to insecure & camel after party she got invite…G I know you got some tea on that party, hopefully you spill a lil sugar for us.

  10. I agree the song is trash, had to listen to it cause everyone was talking about it, but I don’t get the hype around it. Not a fan

  11. tiffany still has a L O T to learn about the protocol of how these events R E A L L Y work! the elite’s are looking for one of their own managers/handlers to be with her from now on so she will have a new pr and manager soon (unknown to us) telling her that revealing that type of info can affect her potential earning stats for the future and she will get the msg one way or another

  12. I honestly don’t think Bey will ever be replaced. Only because she seems to bounce back from everything they do to her. Like they are hurting her image but she is more influential than they think. She will probably go out as a legend she will just retire from music and lay low living life. Well hopefully. And I’m not beyhive either

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