October 1, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Remember How The Weekn’d Worshipping Satan just Got Swept under the Rug?

  1. He knows what’s up. He tells the story of his descent in his videos. Such a shame, because he is talented.

  2. His whole album promo the upside down crosses . He makes hits but who wouldn’t with Satan’s help . All he sings about is doing cocoa anyways always looking lost in all his pics

      1. I will but when you first started this blog on ig it was stuff about gossip . Your telling us all this worshipping bs whenever ain’t shit gone change . We’re still going to listen to Beyoncé and migos plus you post what you want to post about certain artists simply because you have a dis like for them . And all you other old ass lanes can hop tf off my dick bitch !

    1. How the fuck is this a conspiracy when the words “SATAN” are clearly on his damn concert set omg.

    2. You can leave. You want gossip go to IG pages for their BS. This is real life. If you don’t believe you can go be a sheep. Bye bye!

    3. You only paid a dollar. Cut your losses if you’re not happy or just don’t pay another dollar. Very simple resolution. Glad we could help you find your way

    4. Y’all mofs don’t wanna come for me because my mouth reckless asf and I have no filter ! I’ll hurt all y’all whole existence in once sentence

  3. I remember you did a story on his latest video where he basically turned his back on the industry. Is this concert from before or he’s sending mix signals?

  4. Wow. Just like that justin Bieber video. The where are you now video. The flashing images and words in the back ground… millions and millions of views on YouTube. SN I’m seeing a lot more iRobot type commercials. They’re starting to desensitize us y’all.

  5. He’s talented but dude is just a weirdo to me and he’s showing the elites I’m down with the devil shit….I assume.

  6. def wanna hear more stories on drake, the weeknd, ovo, partynexrdoor.. i havent seen any sugar on their relationship/gossip in the industry/the elites

  7. Oh wow!!! If they didn’t slow it down I would have never noticed. I always said he was a bit dark. Just off and depressed. Hmmm make sense. How creepy.

  8. The Weeknd has two videos that feature the devil. My old coworker told me she always thought those two videos showed the devil coming for him and him then accepting the devil into his life

  9. to flash the S A T A N sign was to show his compliance and willingness to the elite’s and their agenda
    but it had to be in a public setting to be able to be taken serious
    ….. isn’t that right Abel? I mean Weekday

  10. I’ve always felt he was overrated so it makes since that Satan is pulling the strings or should I say plugging everyone’s ears with nasally screaming.

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