August 18, 2022

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43 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Giselle’s Verse & Why She Was So Upset

  1. This sugar is sweet!!! I fell the fuck out when I heard about Tiffany spilling this tea. I thought it was strange though because most people have enough tact like to spill shyt like this. Celebrity or not. I also gagged at Sanaa being the woman who tried it. I guess she’s looking for a new sponsor. Her and Denzel must be winding down. I wish G would do a story as to why Beyonce is so pressed over Jay’s ugly ass.

    1. I know right, because I can’t stand to look at that chapped lipped looking camel.. He is ugly as hell don’t care about how much money he is worth.Good tea G!!

  2. Everyone is praising that song. I think it’s trash. I know I can’t be the only one that feels that way. If Giselle comes out with a bunch of songs on her new album like Top Off, it will be a big disappointment. But the Stans will be too scared to admit it. On Tiffany, Giselle better be careful. How she treats Little Tiff might be the beginning of her fall. Anyone can fall from anywhere at any time. Look at Harvey Weinstein

    1. You are absolutely NOT the only one who feels this way. That song is PURE GARBAGE…and I agree.. Tiffany’s excited ass is gonna need to calm it down and put those lips on mute.

  3. I don’t like the song, but I fault Giselle. How many times you are going to let hubby disrespect you? Hubby should’ve check ole girl about the flirting with him while his wife was around. I think she’s with him for three reasons: the”power” couple aspect, the kids, and he must have some fire peen.

  4. And that right there should let Tiffany know that she can and does have Giselle worried… Bc how does my name dropping hurt the queen… You should let stuff roll off your back at her level… We all know their supposed infidelities they experienced… So she should have just let be… No pun intended… Writing a verse just proves.. She’s a bothered rich woman with self esteem issues and using her music as voice bc she has no other power than through music and her stand… Bc if she did… What woman… Wouldn’t have the fear if God in her husband by now… And let’s not forget you have him a idle threat that…”next time you home lose your wife”… Bullshit… She and Rihanna are going to off him as favor to elites and Beyonce gets her wish of stop having to defend her fake marriage… She said… She go off, her and baby going to be okay…ijsssss

  5. Are Sanaaa and Regina Hall on a break or is it over for real this time? Anyway… this article oooozzzes shade! I love it!!! I wish Giselle sit down somewhere. I’m over all that was mentioned in the article including Khalid. Lolol – but I rooting for Tiff to shade Ol Girl!!

    1. Lol are you insinuating that Regina and Sanaa are lovers? I’ve heard it before but I had no idea if it were true or not. I though Sanaa was Denzel’s long term jump off.

  6. Hey Sugah Babes! Still under the weather. What I don’t get is why is Giselle approaching these women and not Shawn? Better yet, remember how Mathew cheated on Tina and Giselle and her sister was so hard on their dad? Why can’t Giselle put that much energy towards Shawn? He is doing the cheating and the flirting. I just don’t get it?

  7. Jay Z is going to be Giselle’s downfall. I see her having a Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown type situation eventually.

  8. The song is overhyped trash and I despise how a woman that hasn’t had a hit or a hit album in almost a decade is praised and feared in the industry. Like how did we get here??? Anyhoo Tiff needs to watch her back. Knowing how petty Giselle and her camp are they may have been behind Tiff getting robbed. As unbothered she supposed to be over Kim K she sure does find the time to throw subs. All the while Kim hasn’t spoke the bitch name.

    The downfall needs to come soon for this chick. I’m tired of her bama ass and her uglass husband.

    1. Co-Sign!👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you Diyah! Like Bell.Sylvia said earlier. Giselle better be careful how she treat Tiffany. She is digging a hole for Tiffany, but it might be her falling in that same ditch that she dug for Tiffany. Karma don’t discriminate nobody.

  9. People are so scared of Jay and Giselle’s power. Yeezy looked terrified in that video with Dame. She’s gotten so big headed that she really thinks she’s the gangsta wife and the queen. If anything Kim K and Jay’s side pieces are laughing at her insecure ass throwing shots on a wack ass track that’s hot garbage lol . 3 kids and trying to fight in the club over her cheating ass husband.. A damn shame.

  10. When I reas the story about Tiffany talking about them I knew something was going to happen or be said…. Jayz dont play them running ya mouth games.

  11. Well from tiff response it looks like she is still licking the food prints off the ground that Giselle walks on!
    Either she is blinded by the star struck or she just brushed it off with her response. Either way, Imma say this, just like any other female we see who is crazy over a ugly ass nigga she really DONT need it can only be 1 thing:

    THE BEEFCAKE. 🍆🍆🍆🍆

    I always heard Jay was certified in that dept.

    1. IGyal did Tiff mentioned Giselle’s and Shawn’s name? I know she didn’t mentioned Sanaa’s name, but did she mentioned the other 2?

  12. The song is trash. Just because it’s A list celebrities doesn’t mean it gonna be good. Thats what people don’t get

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