October 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Michele Lamy The Serpent of the Fashion industry Rappers beware

  1. G you bringing the real shit because most people don’t even know who Michele Lamy is . I met her once a few years ago back stage because I have a friend that does make up for fashion week . I cant say I got a vibe but I can she is an interesting person indeed

  2. Very interesting.. They are literally everywhere… But how can people not see this darkness around her… It’s apparent even as I watched the video… Ppl like that..I would not allow myself around… Her body language screams.. “Be afraid” lol

  3. First time she “caught my attention” was when she took the picture with MIGOS n no lie, god knows I’m not lying, that lady gave me the most ILL demonic terrifying feeling EVER. I knew migos being in a pic with her was full confirmation they was down with the shitz. If I didn’t know before, I DAMN SHO KNEW THEN. you can look at her n tell she is some type of devil worshipper. So its funny you did this post cause it just confirmed it.

    I even went as far as lookin at her IG page n I had to click off cause it was too much lol

  4. Can you please tell me what post to go to explaining who Goat Lucy is? I feel like I’ve missed some information

    1. She called Clive Owens that on a Sony post, but sometimes people that comment refer to Lucifer as Lucy the goat. I’m not sure why since baphomet is a different being.

  5. I need to wash in holy water and talk to GOD personally after watching this video. Also I remember that fashion show and that shit was disgusting as f*ck.

  6. People better be sure who their faith lies in before they go messing around with any old person! These up and coming singers, actors or fashion designers better cling to God, these are the end of days, it’s easy to lose your soul messing around trying to fit in and be famous!!!

  7. I don’t subscribe to a religion, but I wholeheartedly believe in God, souls, angels and demons/bad spirits. You really need to look in your personal life to see who is weak and being pulled into a dark place, because that can bring you down with them.

    Get in touch with God, y’all. Pray to your ancestors and your spirit guides to protect you. Build yourself a spiritual force field!

  8. M!chelle is…… how can i put this….
    like the person you call if you lookin for let’s say some weed… right?
    they only sell to ppl that they know
    that person being M!chelle in this case….

    She is a direct source because of the position
    her husband plays in the industry as well…

    if she’s around you better believe its not by accident… you are under their radar then!

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