July 2, 2022

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About The Way Hollywood Feels About The Kardashians part 3

  1. Exactly ! It’s like going to a giant high school because anytime the kardashians are brought up people are like uhh I hate them . But can never say why smh . Everyone’s like they are famous for no reason . Nothing just happens by chance ..they work hard as fuck and let’s be honest , girls have been working to keep up with the kardashians

  2. I never had an issue with the Kardashians. I applaud Kim and the family for building their empires. Am I a big fan of their show, no. I’m not into reality tv like that. But, you can’t deny their star power and their ability to make money. They saw an opportunity and they took it.

  3. So did they sell there soul as well? Since you can’t make as much money and have fame as they do without doing it???

  4. I love Kim and respect her hustle. She made something bad into an empire, how could you hate on her for that. Jealousy comes in all shapes and forms I hope she keep winning!!!

  5. IMO the reason is why they are being hated is because they do too much! They are literally everywhere. Not to mentioned, they are constantly want attention. And with all that attention they create and can get annoying at times. Its like, “Okay, we see yall,” but can yall stop with all the extra stuff yall do towards yourselves?” To The Kardashians/Jenner Clan, without the hoop and hollering, they feel as tho they are not poplar enough to be in the A crowd. They want to be seen and heard. Without it, they are just ordinary folks like you and I.

    1. But what is the problem with being “everywhere” if people are requesting it and they are probably getting paid for it? If you are getting $50k a post to post everyday/all day or to show up somewhere, I’m sure majority of us would be everywhere gladly. I agree with the sometimes they seem to crave attention and do some silly things but the point that they are everywhere and that’s part of their job to get paid and it’s what ppl want, I still dnt get that knock against them.

  6. I love this blog and will continue to give you my dollars for as long as this blog is up BUT this was the most ass kissing piece you’ve done.
    I’m not doubting your info. I’m sure they are lovely ladies with amazing decorum who have just sucked the wrong dicks with the right outcomes. I feel like you’re holding out on spilling their dirt. They have grimey secrets just like the rest. Let’s be fair here. I don’t care that they don’t have loud parties and know how to be nice. Where’s the dirt at?????

  7. Wow and you would think that Kim is the most obnoxious the way they hate her. The only reason I don’t like her is because I think it’s so upsetting that she started an empire from her sextape scandal. Something a black woman would never have been able to do. Not to say that I would want any of them to it’s just the principle. Though she still gets a lot of flack she still has so many supporters. Black women included.

    1. But it’s not her fault that black women aren’t able to create an empire off their sex tape.. that’s misdirected hatred.

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