September 29, 2022

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24 thoughts on “The Truth About How Hollywood Really Feels about The Kardashians Pt 2

  1. But Kim’s not white she’s other so why they mad for lol ppl are so damn sensitive their dick too small for all that ass she got anyway they oughta be glad or otherwise they’d only get embarrassed.

      1. the dark gene is always the dominant one she looks Armenian 🤷 it’s said if you are 10% other you’re considered just that !

      2. ReRe you are 100% Correct! When you have two different ethnicities, you always have to go with the father side. Why? Because they carried the dominant of the DNA. Although, each parent do contribute 23 chromosomes apiece, the male always have the x and y chromosomes. While us women carry the single x chromosome. By science and law, if you are bi-racial, you are supposed to go by your father’s gene. Hot damn! I done found me a good ole science friend now! ❤ ya ReRe!

  2. Ok so I know this is about Kim but since Khloe is included and I know you spoke on this and gave so me clarification but what’s the deal with her unborn child half brother is DNA yet to be determined on that 1

    1. Like ReRe said, you would have to go by the father’s gene. Even tho, Jordy is bi-racial herself, she too would have to go by Tristan’s ethnicity. She is Afro-Jamaican, Chinese, and White,(her nationality is an American. Tristan is African (basically black) his nationality is Canadian. So with that being said, Jordy’s son would be Afro-American (meaning black).

  3. Kourtney has been with white men, so there’s that 🤷🏾‍♀️. There’s Kendall, but she’s a Jenner, and she’s with a biracial man now. Now that I think about only Kourtney seems like she might still give a white man a chance. 😂

    1. but kourtney was fuckin quimcy and u heard kim say kendall is starting to turn into a little khloe because jordan clarkson was bi racial asap was black and now blake griffin another ball player lmao thats why kim called her little khloe

  4. White people take that shit super personal lol really the complex is crazy . But the Kardashians are a machine that’s isn’t stoping anytime soon . People only hate them because they feel like they should follow the crowd

  5. G you always come threw with confirmations . I could be wrong but I feel like those are the people behind the whole hate campaign especially after Kim got robbed

  6. Idk why people act like Marilyn Monroe was the greatest woman alive. I’m not fond of Kim either but I just keep it moving past thier posts and let them get thier coins.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mentioned this. Hollywood label Marilyn a dumb blonde which is far from the truth. Marilyn is one smart lady. Her IQ is 168! So how in the world Hollywood label her dumb is beyond me! 😂😂😂😂😂. They even went so far and called the Jayne Mansfield a dumb blonde. Yeah, she was a sex symbol not to mentioned was an actress, but she too is smart as a whip! Her IQ is 149. Her daughter, Mariska Hartigay who play Olivia Benson on Law &Order: SUV, said that her mom is far from being dumb. Both Marilyn and Jayne are very smart women. They just play dumb around the people in Hollywood so they can get the exposure and further their careers. Which by the way was a smart move.

  7. Marilyn was a sex symbol. Not only she was sleeping around the who’s who of Hollyweird, but she was screwing 2 brothers at the same time (Jack nickname for John F Kennedy and his younger brother Bobby (nickname for Robert F Kennedy) . Boy oh boy, I wished I was born around that time! A little side note:* Did yall know the White House has an indoor pool? The pool was built for the late president Franklin D Roosevelt because of his polio. He used the pool for therapy. It was the same indoor pool where Marilyn and Jack would mess around back in the day. The indoor pool still exists! Its the Press Briefing Room. All they gotta do is remove the floor and BAM!!! The indoor pool.* I wished I could have been the paint on the wall in The Press Briefing Room back in the day! That is where Marilyn and Jack got their freak on! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. They treat Britney like that… Like she’s a prized possession of the white men in Hollywood… Her stock/pull with elites would diminish if they caught her with black men… My question would be… Why are there white elites so worried about black men with their women, but actively sleep with and discard black women on the low… It’s very hypocritical

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