July 6, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Did Tiffany Haddish Sell Her Soul? Signs Huge Netflix Deal, 3 MOVIES IN 2018

  1. I’ve said it before… When I saw her meet Oprah…. I was like… Welp…she’s as good as got!!

    1. she was also pictured at some dinner surrounded by YT folks including B. Streis@nddd (disgusing names)

  2. I just want to know why she is just now getting recognition when she’s been out for a good lil minute. I remember when they used to have those vh1 shows and she would comment all the time. But she’s everywhere now!

  3. I don’t think she’s that funny at all. Mo’nique is DEFINITELY funnier…naturally too. Hell…Jesshilarious is funnier than Tiffany. I hear the imaginary bell “Bing” Sold…Tiffany Haddish’s Soul goes to the highest bidder” smh. This is a crazy time to be “woke” or enlightened, I tell ya. Because we get to see it all unfold just the way G tells us it will. It’s disheartening in a way to…because you can’t simply enjoy entertainers anymore…because you know too damn much. Lol damn, damn, damn.

      1. I blame you too lol. But I also thank you for shedding light on this industry. I don’t see how anyone could want to be a part of something so demonic after learning all this information.

  4. I figured when Oprah surprised her on Ellen that she sold her SOUL. And she’s obsessed with referring to herself as an Unicorn. I BLAME KEVIN HART! I believe He talked her into it 👀

  5. I thought it was a given that she sold out. Giselle ain’t gonna be around anyone that hadn’t sold out or is gonna sell out period. You might as well do a post on the Chloe x Halle girls and their new album cover.

    It’s obvious. Anyone that is associated with Giselle i side eye.

  6. exactly how elite is Oprah?…im curious to knw what kinda pull she actually has when it comes to entertainers and their commitment to the “cause” 🤔

  7. She’s annoying and not funny… she must be the smokescreen they needed to fade Monique out.. guess it worked .. we’ll see what she sacrafices..as always it’s in the eyes

  8. She is not funny, when I saw her tee-heeing with Oprah on Ellen I already knew it as a wrap. She seems to have a big mouth like Kanye and Cardi they will MK the hell out of that brain eventually..

  9. My thing with her, she’s been acting for Years! Why did it take her so long to become this known?! She was in white chicks as Marlon’s girl, among other films. I don’t get why she’s being treated like a new actress Now!

  10. I love tiff… I havn’t had a favorite com since Kevin and see all he been doing.. But if she did they know how to pick em. Tiff been through hell in back and for someone who tired of the struggle then get a opportunity of course they will jump.. Just image how many people today in this regular world that you know who would sale they sole just to get out the struggle they in… Not me if I’m struggling means I’m living and I take that over dieing inside anyday

  11. What I do notice that these artist and comedians don’t last as long as the artist and the comedians back in the day! Its like they do a certain amount of albums or shows and that’s it. Mannnnnnnn look at Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy ,Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Barbara Striestand, Tina Turner, Whoopi Goldberg and them. Look at all that work they got under them! That’s alot! Now compare their stuff to these folks today. Not so much. Either they are getting lazy or they aren’t enthusiastic like they was in the beginning. I don’t know. But Tip better keep pushing if she want that life.

  12. I know folks hate to here this but once people like oprah n queen Lucy co-sign that’s it they want you in on the circle .

  13. Childhood trama…..check

    Shes the perfect candidate. Ripe for the picking. Yes, shes not that funny but she was thirsty to change her situation by any means necessary. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t crack. Sis don’t seem like shes built for that life.

  14. well well we will see how she holds up after ritu@ls
    inA few more years we will see if she has any K@yne or K@tt moments later on down the line……….
    some can mask it VERY well………….
    well like i said……………………………………………………… we will see
    she’s in it for the long run now
    Oprah AND Ellen (the duality) stamped and approved
    she’s still being eased into her invitation into the circle

  15. I had to comment again after this new Dj Khalid song . She was salty as hell with Tiffany for gossiping about that party and made sure she let it be known 🤐. First lesson she has to learn .. those people are phonies so that’s the last thing they want is for anyone to god forbid tell the truth about what they see ! She’ll learn quick though she already said I’ll sign whatever to hang wit B ! Tiff get out your already in over your head

      1. It caught me off guard I’m like damn that was quick . The veil is lifting

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