July 2, 2022

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16 thoughts on “The Real Reason The Safaree Pic Leaked

  1. Facts!! Because I remember when Nicki had the tv special and he was so corny then and he’s still corny to me but now all I hear or read about is his dick and how good his music is but people weren’t feeling it before when he put stuff out. And that throwing money at the breakfast club….I rolled my eyes so hard when he did that fuck shit.

  2. I think the PR or manager creates the meme too drive the audience in the direction they want. Think about it how would they see the regular person meme on a regular page. No celebrities are making meme

  3. I never thought Safaree was Corny… he had to be doing something right if he was in a long term relationship with Nicki… People so quick 2 jump on a side… why is he corny??? Because he can make someone laugh.. respectful to women it seem like… what he corny because he wanted some bread from his woman that he used to be with… how is that corny??? I bet he helped her… no one know the real d al but him and her.. I think he’s funny and now it his time to shine… why not… my opinion

    1. I agree! Everyone thinks he should just go away & never speak of Nicki but, he was the 2nd party in that relationship. He never spoke out (or maybe wasn’t allowed too) back then but NOW, it’s his time to shine. He can speak on the relationship He was in if he likes, she did it.

      & this new interview about their relationship being abusive at times, people swear he ain’t a man for saying it, how many of us women have slapped up our BF’s when mad? I have & that is physical abuse towards the man (admittedly or not)

      Let safaree be, it’s sad what’s going on with Nicki if that is the case but…. Only God knows

  4. yea after his paradise record hit over 1mill streams and views i knew it was only a matter of time before the “STUNTman” would pull out the stunts he been WAITING for a moment like this… buzz from the show… buzz from the music in the clubs and streets… yup this will keep ppl talking about him for the rest of the yr

  5. Horse 🍆 Or not, he’s still like 90% goofy…& I personally like my men to have the opposite, 10% of goofiness never hurt nobody…shows me you don’t take yourself too serious. 90% is waaaay too much. I was watching him throw the money (in a weird way…sometimes off the beat a lil…and BARELY looking at the sexy girl dancing in front of him-that’s another story) like😳😳😧😞🤦🏾‍♀️🙅🏽 And the dance for the song😳😳 who’s doing that dance? He couldn’t even do it properly!! Omg this is hilarious. But I wouldn’t be surprised if PR works on the ppl and have them believing that they to should be doing Safaree’s dance.

  6. I always did like safaree as a person, don’t know his music. But the dick pics definitely got him more fans

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