July 2, 2022

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8 thoughts on “The Truth About The Beef Between Snoop Dogg and 2Pac part 1

  1. Oh G, don’t make us wait too long, always wanted to know the true ins and out. I knew he never fucked with half of the niggas claiming they were “good” before he died. Especially snoop and Nas. Im a MASSIVE tupac fan. Boy, one celeb I would’ve definately left my morals at the door for, and made it worth it 😉

  2. Man! G, you brought back alot of memories with this one. You are correct about the Mobb Deep and Noriega beef. Pac ain’t knew nothing about that. It was during the time when Prodigy’s Sickle Cell was so frequent. He had so many episodes and at that time, most folks really didn’t know what that was. But Pac made that dissed track towards Biggie and he talked about Mobb Deep. The part he said about Prodigy was fucked up! Late 90s and early millennial was fucked up back then.

  3. I never knew Pac and Snoop didn’t get along. My mind didn’t even realize they were on Death Row at the same time.

  4. G you gotta get to this part! This is my first time hearing about Pac spitting in Snoop’s face and threatening him.I believe this could be true because Pac was being told by Suge that Snoop was Jealous of Pac’s success on Death Row and Suge really didn’t Fuck with Snoop like that by him being for Dr.Dre and at that time 2pac was way Bigger than Snoop after selling 5 million in just 4 months…Around late July of 96′ Pac really felt that Snoop and his people’s were a bit jealous at the fact he was getting so much studio time to the point were Pac didn’t even use Daz production on last album #MakaveliTheDonKilluminati because they were acting funny and was upset that Pac stayed getting the studio.Rage and Pac stayed into it and Kurupt and Pac had a fight in Cabo when Pac said something disrespectful about #FoxyBrown.Back to Snoop he Lowkey dissed Pac when he said Pac brought negative energy to Death Row in this 2009 interview basically saying both him and Dr.Dre were more for peace but yet Snoop was the one that got the East vs West beef going with kicking over the Buildings in the “New York, New York” video.Tupac wasn’t there and he wasn’t there when some NY dudes shot up their trailer while filming.G can you also do the story on who was the “Bitch” that Snoop was saying Pac took from him

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