July 2, 2022

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16 thoughts on “I Am bringing in 2 more people to help approve account

    1. Tell them to use the guest PayPal and enter whatever email they have access too. I didn’t even have to set up PayPal . People are weird.

      1. That’s exactly what I did!!!! I don’t have s pay pal but I set up a guest account with my email so I could proceed. Common sense.

  1. Yea it’s an option on here. It’s says PayPal then it says sign in as a guest PayPal and you don’t have to even have an account.

  2. Guys seriously now, some of you need to help yourselves because not only has the automatic email from WordPress been sent to you, both Gina and I have both sent separate individual emails to some of you. That’s 3 different emails coming from 3 different email addresses. You can’t tell me that you are not getting any of them. I’m gonna once again resend emails for anyone who has signed up since the 18th when the new system went in place and is incomplete. I have to do this manually so this might take a while. In the mean time please double check because even after I sent them I still had people saying they didn’t have it. Then when I told them I had sent it recently they found it.

  3. Something isn’t right. How aren’t they getting these emails after so many no y attempts? After a while you guys should give them a refund because it seems as though it’s taking a toll on you and the blog

  4. Hey Gina, the thing is if you don’t select for messenger to see you there receipt at the time of purchase you can’t go back later n do it. So that’s most likely what the problem is. Bc after you’ve paid they no longer have you the option. I myself had to just go back n do it again but it still never sent me a link to your site.

  5. Yeah that’s what I did. However, for some reason I’m not getting the notification in my email that you posted on here. Luckily i follow you on the gram to know and when I log in I can’t find you I have to go to the comments that i like to get your page it’s like it’s knocking me off I stay clicking on that green icon that let’s you know you’re following your page I went ahead and paid the yearly one so I could just focus on this good 🍵 G I know it’s a lot you have on the line to be putting this strong ass 🍵 with some shots of Hennessy that’s why I fucks with you 💯 and why I told you what was going on with my stuff just incase it’s happening to others so it can get taken care of in the front end instead of when you got a million followers

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