October 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Charlamange Part 2

  1. Well damn! Him and Kev allegedly hooked up huh? Okay. And Angela better watch her mouth or she be done gun ho out the damn door.

  2. Are you seeing Lenard instagram he is acting as if he won the argument. You can literally say anything and means people believe anything

  3. I remember when Jay scared him out of Philly smh.
    Charlamagne is a bootlicker period esp. for Jay and the elite. He’s there to do what his masters tell him. Actually, Dame Dash and Giselle’s pappy got him together when they came to the station because Charla was being slick and wore a Roc Nation hat to the interviews. Now, Monique getting his ass together.

    He is really dense too. He thinks Monique is just talking about Netflix and wanting millions. No, Monique is talking about all of us, and how Hollywood and the rest of the white establishment exploits black people’s labor and talent and gives subpar/uneven pay. Funny when Meryl Streep or Viola Davis complain about pay inequality nobody clowns them because of their stature as acting giants, but when Monique does it she’s ghetto and difficult smh.

    Whoopi Goldberg is another one of the bootlickers of the elite, and she was on Monique’s case too. Black people like Oprah, Whoopi, Charlamagne, are like plantation guards calling the black celebrities with complaints “crazy” while protecting the fields for Massuh

  4. You forgot the Rihanna slander. He used to GO IN on her live singing. He’s play a cat screaming on top of her live singing audio. Then randomly one day he recites a story of Rihanna hanging out with him all night and sending car service to her him home safely afterwards. Does he talk about her or her singing again? NOPE.

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