July 6, 2022

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63 thoughts on “Shall We Talk About This? Updated

  1. Damn that’s disturbing knowing all that I know now as a grown woman…This video made me uncomfortable. How old are they here? Shit weird

    1. Ok so tse and Michelle were their managers! Michelle claimed to be the mom and tse the aunt, but actuality they are Keileys sisters from her dads side! Her bio mom died when her and her sister Vicky were kids in a car accident and the sister Michelle took them on and raised them as her daughters

  2. This makes me nauseous. Grown men singing about where their kitty cats are around girls that could be their daughters

  3. By the way adriane confirmed your tea one day in the real. She confessed to always liking older men. I believe you did a story talking about her dating an older man as a teenager possibly someone husband or to get up in. Fake i forgot details but she said it ok like i heard tat before lol

      1. But when she said it on the real it was a game of who would like. They said who would like older men. Well if course her now husband is old. But she said y’all know i always like older men. I’m thinking who else was old because rob karadshin is all we know and her other guy wasn’t old. I think i remember the girl from power speaking on something and saying she couldn’t talk about it but she wasn’t the trouble maker. I believe it’s her interview on the real or. Maybe she tweeted it. She recently said something of that nature. Man i wish i knew where she commented on it. But yea it always comes out lol. They think they can say slick stuff.

      2. She said it didn’t matter anymore what happened it was isn’t he past but she was blackballed for it for a while

      3. Hey G for some reason im not getting the notifications like i should ,which is weird cause they always been on point , i had to go on the site to see if you posted something ! I know you busy but when you have a chance please lmk thank you

  4. I’m guessing this is what CB was talking about, when he came for Tamar and mentioned Adrienne sleeping with married men🤔

  5. Wayment and G you can probably straighten my answer out. Didn’t Treach use to beat on Pepa, but she punch a female in the face about Treach? 🤔

  6. See I love your page so much cause all the tea you serve is all MY ERA….. MY CHILDHOOD, THE TIME I GREW UP IN. that 106 and Park clip took me full speed down memory lane cause I watched EVERY EPISODE… FAITHFULLY…. WHEN IT WAS FREE AND AJ ONLY. But, you got some TEA ON 106 AND PARK????


    1. Ms. Tracey did a reading on her yesterday. I know Wendy’s Graves disease is flaring up real bad. And they did a late Wendy show yesterday. I think she is going to get some help. The video is on YouTube. Pull up Tracey Brown and it is under videos. She just did it yesterday.

    2. She definitely has Graves’ disease you can tell by her eyes. But i did hear somewhere along while ago she was back on the stuff. Which is why she keeps crying all over the place but i don’t know how true it is. They said she even fired her female producer Susan but have seen her back on the show so who knows. But to Wendy’s defense she said she never took a sick day so that is pretty honorable

    1. I know Treach and Naturi are both from East Orange NJ. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were related. There was a rumor that pep and mjb were fighting on Eaton place over treach and Mary ended up scarred. That’s what went around locally…

  7. Damn well G you said it in your last post , they soul search for new victims . Pumping out young girls and your own daughter at that . But when you’ll do anything to be famous or make some else famous it’s like offering them up for slaughter smh 🤯

  8. G something has been racking my brain . Can we have a discussion one of these days about Uncle Russ? All these allegation are happening in the news with these women and I’m sitting here thinking who did he piss off? Your last about def jam made me think of this situation . What do you think about what’s going on ?

  9. I still can’t see the story.. I’m leaving a blind comment because the site won’t let me in… I don’t know what’s going on at this point :/ this is getting frustrating

    1. You have to login again on this blog. Use the email address you used to register onto this blog to see the stories.

  10. Does this stuff still happen? If so, what about Fifth Harmony because I always felt some kind of way about them.

  11. What ppl will do for money sale your soul, your family even your mama…. I always wonder why the pussy cat dolls was always around “black guys” and at alllllllll the parties…

  12. I need some tea bout the PCD. That one girl care out talking and everyone was like she Lyin. But then she dropped the name of the girl who committed suicide. And said she ran out of money cuz she didn’t wanna fuck everyone anymore. It’s horrible!!! Meanwhile they still casting Disney kids!!!

  13. Tse is actually the sister right, they were a weird bunch. What I can recall she was always offering them up, that song choice by Keily on her solo effort spoke volumes anonymous sexual partners etc…

  14. Are there any good people in the industry at all?? My friend’s son is in college and trying to enter into the music/ acting /stage business and I worry about him now. Is it possible for him to make it without all this bad stuff happening?

  15. I knew 2 of their dancers when they first came on the scene as a group and the dancers used to call them 3 Little Whores (3LW) behind their backs. Poor Naturi, glad she made it on her own

  16. Ok so I always thought 3LW was corny so the scandal of Naturi getting kicked out and now this little tid bit makes this more interesting. The girl with the gap even though her sister was their manager didn’t fit in with Naturi and Adrienne, and although Adrienne may have been hot in the cooch (just like Kiely), her and Naturi had that it factor…Kiely did not. Didn’t know Treach was smashing Adrienne though nor that their record label was playing the game of pass the young p**** around but it’s not surprising. It seems like Hollywood is all about getting pimped out in one way or another. P.S…. it was good Naturi took a stand against not being pimped out at a young age….but as a grown woman she’s ready to show them boobies on Power. 🤣🤣🤣….I’m sure Adrienne wasn’t the only teenager Treach had smashed back in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

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