October 1, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Ralph Tresvant Sang Most Of The Leads On Bobby Brown’s Biggest Hit Every Little Step I Take

  1. I can tell! Go Ralphie! @ICYDKNOW, Remember that DM I sent you about the two siblings? Hey, put that one up here next! That’s good sugar right there G! 😆

  2. That Rizz was gifted with Vocals man I believe this because he wasn’t even as gifted as slick in terms of vocals

  3. The hell with sugah bugah Bobby, Hey Ralphie! I need for you to sang my panties off!! This ole lady needs ya! 😄

    1. Facts Ralph was bae lol
      It’s cool after they came out with their story because that was great music and now even the children know the difference lol .suspicions confirmed 😄

  4. Omg I remember when I said it sounded like Ralph everyone told me I was crazy lol… thanks G this sugar confirms I was right all those years ago 🎶🎶😂

  5. As a child born in 1988 but a lifelong new edition fan I can say I always thought that was Ralph just by listening. I was shook when they said it was bobby and I found that out in 2009.

  6. You can hear the difference from the first verse to the second when bobby comes in. These two are really close.

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