September 29, 2022

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47 thoughts on “THe Process Of The Elites. How Record Deals Are Offered Now

  1. I can see that.. Take somebody who works hard but havn’t made it.. U can tell in her last season she wanted to make it so bad but wasn’t getting hard… So when her music starting playing ppl was like OK who is this… Boom
    Crazy they have it all in plan

  2. G, gave us a reading assignment! 😂😂😂😂😂 Imma have to send you wine money for this one! LOL! 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. I’d take Ashanti fame any day. How is she a joke? She’s actually more popular than Mya and still semi relevant. She has the little so called collabo with Ciroc, making her own waves and getting money. She looks hot and thirst trapping lol
      She good

  3. What makes it even sadder that she already knew this before she signed the contract. Hell, she should have known this doing her strip club days. You got these girls going over on the weekends to Dubai tricking. But those men over their is on another type of shit. Now what got me helluva confused is when she brought Offset that 240k Rolls Royce! She said she wanted to get her mom and dad out of the projects, that should have been the first thing she should have done. Second, got her a house and let Offbrand or Offset comes last. You don’t put no man before God! Is she crazy or plum pickin’ fool?

    1. I swear I was thinking that!!! I know she said they wanna stay in the pjs, but fuck that!!! Offset got his own money to spend so she could have at least got her ppl a condo or move them to a house.

    2. That was really weird. I was thinking it was a set up by management and that they leased it and Cardi took claim she bought it for outset. That’s crazy money for such a new artist. It was totally for publicity cause that’s dumb as fuck.

      1. So you are telling Nicki never made any deal with devils in her hay days. She was popular for a very long period of time. So only Cardi sold her soul and not Nicki.

  4. I’m not surprised at all..this is exactly how you get got! Me love Ashanti and Mya all day. There’s nothing like closing your eyes and actually being able to sleep at night.

  5. If you noticed when Cardi first started getting popular, she was always saying I pray and thank my Lord Jesus Christ everyday, but now you don’t hear her mentioning God

  6. Ok so can someone fully explain the illuminati thing…because if everyone is selling their souls what exactly are they getting out of the deal? Just fame but then you leave a trail of dead family members behind because you’ve sacrificed them….but then too at the end of time for those who believe… Christ comes back to rid the world of evil so you sell your soul for riches bitches and fame but you go to Hell for Eternity when the devil comes to collect…

  7. I know you know a lot about the music industry but one day can you do something on like the NBA… Somebody was saying Steph Curry sold out (and that he cheats on his wife, Ayesha)… And can you talk about the media companies like CBS, NBC… My favorite show is This is Us… I was wondering if the stars of that show (Sterling K Brown) have sold out…

  8. Tiffany Haddish seems like it’s happening with her career too. She is with all the elites Beyoncé oprah. And she talks about how poor she was

    1. Film, commerical, and music. But as far as the government it is a slight different but it tides in altogether.

  9. This is kinda related but…Y’all… Y’ALL!!! I think they’re about to get Monique ass. Did anyone watch The View?

      1. Ok! So…. She was on there still singing her sob story AND she called out Oprah, Lee, Tyler and Lionsgate yet again. Said that because of what they did, her family suffered for 8 years. Anyway, Whoopi was trying to help her out and told her she should have called her and you could tell Whoopi was trying to encourage her to chill out but of course Monique didn’t listen so the interview just ended with Whoopi being speechless and shrugging her shoulders. Let me find the link.

    1. Omgosh! I had came up with three possibilities since the Super Bowl half time show. I said Nicki, another female, and I forgot the other female. But I wasn’t expecting Mo’Nique.

      1. I mean… Everyone has tried to help her but I think she’s done. It’s gonna be slow though. But she’s good as got. Either offed or Iyanla-ized.

      2. She does need money but she is effin up the way she can get it. If she thinks for one minute the elites are gonna let this fly she’s mistaken. She played it all wrong and she’s making it worse for herself.

  10. I believe EVERY part of this. You’re right for female hip hop artist late 30s is their ending in hip hop. Only one at a time. Minaj is about to be out. But honestly, is Cardi REALLY going to be let in? They are really dragging her album process along, I like the girl, but seems like she will never drop her solo project.

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