September 29, 2022

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117 thoughts on “Sent Out All Incomplete accounts Links

  1. Please everyone just follow the instructions on the link it’s very easy takes less than 5 mins for the whole process. Thanks G you and your team rock!

      1. What is the pay pal e-mail Shana because I have checked Pay pal directly and nothing comes up Can I have your pay pal email

  2. Hi, I apologize but I’m a little confused I seem to never get a confirmation email for a link. The only emails I receive from PayPal are the payment. I just checked my spam and it’s not there either

    1. Hey, can you let me know the email address linked to your PayPal account? G and I manually resent links to anyone still showing as incomplete yesterday. Thanks 🙂

      1. Hey Rach, nothing is coming up with that email. Is there another email account linked to your Paypal?

      2. Hi, I still haven’t received a link either. My email address linked to my paypal account is:
        I have dm’d G on instagram about this, but still haven’t received a link to that email address!


    2. Hey Tam, it says that you’ve already completed your registration with the username 34tamika. If you log out and log back in again via Member Login which is located on the main menu you should be fine.

      1. Hi Ket, no that is the right email. Do I have to pay again? originally paid on Feb 14th sent to Writer

    3. Hi Rach, it looks like you came through before the new system was in place so we’ll have to add you in manually. Can you please pick a username so that we can add you. I’ll email you a password which you can change once you’re logged in. Thanks

  3. G I didn’t pay via PayPal, but now I wish I did. I used Google wallet. Can I give you that email address or send you the screen shot?

  4. G I didn’t pay via PayPal, but now I wish I did. I used Google wallet. Can I give you that email address or send you the screen shot?

  5. G
    I’m receiving EVERY notification to my email
    I’m able at night to come into the site to view stories
    I have my main email that I receive my notifications on as my PayPal account that I paid 5 bucks from this past weekend (I can screenshot to prove it)
    But when I go to the site to reset my password and use my email address(the same email as notifications and paypal) WordPress says “email not recognized ”
    …………? I’m not sure what’s going on …and I’ve checked spam and junk folders in case anything was sent there .. I’m still ass out over here

    1. I can’t find you under this email. Did you sign up via the ‘Become A Sugar Baby’ page? And was it Saturday or Sunday you signed up because the new system went live Sunday?

      1. Good Evening G
        I am following up on the proofreader position. I also received my link yesterday; I was able to sign in yesyerday, however I am having problems today.

    1. Hey, you can’t login until you’ve created your username and you can only do that via the link. What is your email address please?

      1. I guess it didn’t go through…. can you resend the link please bc the one I got doesn’t work anymore for some reason, are there specific instructions as far as the user name or password ?

      2. Can we talk through email please? And can you delete my email address off of the comments as well. Thank you

    2. you aren’t going through because you did not pay on the site when it restarted, you clicked where it said Pay for your sugar

  6. I’m not sure what’s going on on your end. But I’ve sent you a total of $3 in $1 increments. Which isn’t a lot of money at all, but I still haven’t received my link. I’ve checked with the correct email which is my PayPal email and my spam folder. At this point it’s truly not about the money, but your lack of efficiency. And if you have 90% of people telling you you’re not coming through on your end but you have their money something should be done.

    1. 90%? No not hardly There are only about 60 incomplete accounts right now. Half of you 1 Did not follow directions 2 Can’t access your pay pal 3 paid last month and still think it’s good, My lack of efficiency? and you are talking under an anonymous name? Check this out sis what’s your e-mail? that you paid under?

    2. How about you give the e-mail you paid from. Yall want people to hold your hand when all you have to do is clear your e-mail and follow directions. What is the e-mail you paid from?

      1. you must be doing something wrong your logon is shenea i don’t know what your pw is We told you

      2. Feb 2nd was before the sight switch over. In order to access you would have to pay again. SOrry

  7. Hi, most people received their link automatically, we’re not sure why some people haven’t. We manually resent all of the links yesterday one by one. Can you please confirm your name and email address?

    1. I paid mine this morning around 4am central time……I still haven’t gotten my email. I chose to wait and respond bc everyone was saying it took a few hours….nothing in my spam folder either. My PayPal email is evie31086 No rush! Thanx in advance!

      1. double check or send us a screen shot i tried to look it up on the pay pal website and they said nothing is there under that e-mail

      2. The email linked to my paypal is I just double checked both inbox and spam folders and didn’t see anything. I attempted to forward my confirmation email to the STC email but it wouldn’t go thru multiple times

      3. I was able to send the screenshot to the STC email….earlier I was trying to forward the original conf. to you but took a screenshot and uploaded instead. Do you think it’s best to just do the yearly subscription?

    2. Hi,

      I have contacted G numerous times on instagram& on the comment section of the blog as I still haven’t received an email link to access the blog! Please can you create one for me manually? I paid on Feb 10th.

      My email address I paid with is:
      Name: Lauren Scott
      Username: foxylcs

      Thank you

      1. @lauren I added you and sent the link but since you guys act like you don’t get emails i am forced to put it in here just go in and change your pw

        pw is your Scott800 go chnge it and you know your username

      1. You’ve already registered with the username pooh75. Just log in with that and the password you chose.

      2. ok…thank u Ket
        I also just made a payment for yearly access. Sorry for being a bugaboo. Teamsugar. Not sure if you cam help me on another end. I would like a follow up on proofreader position.

      3. No worries. You paid once though right? The other day. I don’t think Gina has gotten round to that yet as the registrations have taken so long. I’ll let her know you were asking

      4. At Ket yes, but I am not trying to be disrpectfu or need a Psa but I have entered under Pooh 75 as well as my pay pal email however if I try to reset my password it is stating email is empty or invalid. I am more than computer litterate but I have paid $1 and yesterday I paid $10 hower I have to log on but how is that possble if my password will not let me reset nor send email to yahoo to allow reset. All with respect.

    1. if you paid in January that is why you didnt receive one. Everyone paid again hun, Go to member log in and click join us

  8. Hey G… I’m just wondering. Did Wendy get punished for three weeks for saying on her show that Lucy needed auto-tuning or does she really have Graves disease? Because she will be showing reruns for three weeks.
    Just something I read and verifying with you.

  9. Hey G,

    When are you archiving these posts? It’s EXTREMELY difficult to wade through the content, ESPECIALLY why you’re posting I multi-post series (I.e. Def Jam). Where is the search bar?

  10. I’m sorry I still can’t find the password, I’ve still been getting the sugar but not able to complete my registration, I’m not tripping though, I’ll continue looking through the old emails for the password, if I’m holding up process you can continue without me, I don’t want to slow y’all down

    1. nope that is what happens when you don’t pick your own username we attempted to send it to you 3 times they wont allow me to change your username

      1. OMG G…so sorry!! I paid $5 for 5 months this morning!

        Paid thru Paypal
        You sent $5.00 USD to WRITER
        Transaction ID: 7XV4438783932752B
        February 23, 2018

    1. Hi Christina, how did you pay because I can’t see you on the incomplete list? Also, the $5 option is for industry services not for 5 months.

      1. Paid thru Paypal
        You sent $5.00 USD to WRITER
        Transaction ID: 7XV4438783932752B
        February 23, 2018

        I thought since people were saying they paid for a year that paying multiple months was ok

      2. No, to access the sugar there are 2 options. You can pay month to month for $1 a month or you can pay $10 for a whole year. You have to sign up via the Become A Sugar Baby tab in the menu. It’s all automated. You choose your option, you’ll be redirected to Paypal and then you automatically sent a unique registration email with a link to create your username and password. I’ll have to ask Gina to refund what you sent today because we can’t facilitate that.

      3. Thanks Katie I appreciate that!! Sorry about the mess. I will go on the Become a Sugar Baby and pay the 10 now.

      4. Also, be sure to check all folders for the email. It will be addressed from WordPress and will say ‘Confirm Registration’

  11. Hey love I paid twice (I didn’t think it went through)
    A few days later I recieved the link to gain entry.
    Can the extra dollar be credited to next month? I can show I paid twice.

    Btw- ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙʟᴏɢ #sᴜɢᴀʀᴀᴅᴅɪᴄᴛ ❤️
    Being in the business I can honestly say you are spot on for most of the information. Just please be careful.

      1. I’ve just emailed you the link again. Please check all folders. This time it is coming directly from Spill The Sugar.

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