October 6, 2022

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113 thoughts on “Guys I have 212 Incomplete registrations

  1. I didn’t want to bother you, but, I paid on the 18th and still no link in any of my folders. I’ve been checking.

  2. I paid my dollar, got the link instantly and registered. I see the current blogs but not the others. Not complaining. Happy to be here. I sent an email to your attorney like you said bc I got a refund msg from PayPal for my January payment. So, maybe that can cover next month??? Anyway, you’re doing a great job. Love ya G.

      1. I paid when you first switched to the blog. I also have emailed your attorney’s email address and have been checking all of my email folders. I just gave up and paid the $10 today and I still have not received a link

    1. Same here! I paid for the year and I got the email almost immediately after paying. I didn’t set it up through my paypal I just paid the option to pay directly from your debit card and put the email I want (the email I set up the WordPress). Pay pal gives you the option to pay via PayPal OR pay just with your debit or credit card. I suggest just taking your time and reading everything through.

      1. I did the same thing you did but don’t get the email 😞 but nothing comes easy for me lol

      2. I paid you sent me a link. I subscribed and then I was kicked out the system . My email not recognized. I getting too frustrated with this .

  3. Registration
    Error! Invalid Request. Could not find a match for the given security code and the user ID.

    This is what I get every time I try the link you posted. I even paid twice. I tried on my iphone and my laptop. I have access to my paypal addy. I get your emails. I just can’t register.

    Thank you for your help.

    1. I saw that message until I checked my junk email, and there was another link to complete registration. Maybe, look there?

  4. I paid the $1 yesterday afternoon & kept checking all folders on my PayPal email throughout the day. I thought I’d give it a chance to pop up overnight, but it didn’t

  5. Hi Gina
    Sorry to keep bothering. I havent received a link either. I paid on 2/18. Please help when you can. I really appreciate it!

    1. yeah but you are not giving me the email address and you are popping up anonymous How can I help you if your being all secretive

  6. I paid. I have access. I clicked on the link sent to my PayPal email and registered under the email associated with this WordPress account. Hopefully I’m not one of the anonymous ones you have G.

  7. Hello , I paid when you first started and again yesterday.. It no big deal only a buck .. I just need access. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong . The only email I get is new sugar which I can’t view fully because I can’t log in .

  8. Do I need to re register with my PayPal email? I already registered with my other email and I get allllll my emails there. I know you’re annoyed. Just wanted clarification. I’ll wait.

  9. I am so sorry to be a pain in your @$$. I got everything taken care of. Thank you for your patience with me. I paid the 10.00 through Google wallet, and hit the forgot password, the received my user I’d and new password.
    Again, so sorry for inconveniencing you.


  10. I see people saying they received the link instantly, mine has not came yet but I only paid 15 min ago so I’ll keep checking

  11. Hello, I paid for a year subscription on Sunday but I haven’t received the link. My paypal is assigned to My the email address I use for this site. I tried to send an email to the gmail account you provided but it was returned.

  12. I have done everything you said and I still haven’t received an email for the link.. I have checked my email and spam and there is nothing.. I sent all my information to the email you asked us to send it to. I sent my username, password and I paid in PayPal under the email cobbcambria@yahoo.com for $10.. I’m waiting patiently just wanting to know what to do…

  13. So if we can read this the same I guess I am in the right place (yes I did pay my $10 annual) because I never resigned in but I can read this blog the same. So should I log out & resign in with the UN & PW I sent in the email. Sorry it seem like I’m “in” but I’m just double checking the process of it. 😀😬😬

  14. Hi, i noticed some people getting links in the comment. I never received mine after paying for yearly memevership 2 days ago. No rush but i figured i would take a shot at it.

  15. Hi, I received the link set up my user name and password but still have no access and when I checked the profile its someone else’s name??

      1. Lol, I followed the link set up the user name and password, I then went to the site but I was directed back to the login. But when I went to login I was directed to a profile page that said Shannon Marie? And I couldn’t edit.

    1. I don’t know what’s going on for the last few days every time you send me the link I click it subscribe and it takes me to WordPress …it’s says I will receive an email at my email address it displays the address to make sure it’s correct then I never receive an email .. I check my junk folder it’s not there either. I get email for sugar but I can’t login to see it .

  16. I’ve just been trying to figure it on my own. I’ve paid for this month already and I’m not trying to bother you. It’s stating that a password has been sent to my email but nothing is there.

    1. Same here … they told me it was going to my email and I see nothing … the only thing I get is comments and updates but I can’t log in .

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