September 29, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Dangerous Demons Controlling What You Listen TO and Who You listen to

  1. G you are on point💯 Now I’m not in the Industry but I heard so many stories of what goes on…You are putting us up on Game with the New Generation Artist that go thru these new Rituals because the change in the Culture with Social Media. I really wanna know more

  2. Can you shed more light on these elites and what they make these artist do? Also if nicki does what the elites want can she come back or are they done with her now?

  3. I sent my money and still can’t view shit. This is getting to be a bit much. It’s cool that was my investment into your dream. I give up

      1. I dont know and I am not gonna do it lol If you wanna do it go ahead but you may mess yourself up

    1. Trust me you don’t want to know.. it’s alot of youtube videos on it if they have not been removed by the elite youtube..


      1. First, you done gave us diabetes and cavities with all this sugar and now you going to give these folks nightmares! You think they can handle it G? 😘

  4. That must be when she was posting all those videos in Dubai and looked like she had been ran through and those middle eastern men were talking about her in the background. Ugh…shit is wild

  5. I can’t even feel sorry for these people, they know what the sign up for well most of them do.. But it is always interesting to read.

    Keep up the good work G

  6. Cardie is black…She is half Trinidadian (Nickie is from Trinidad) & half Dominican…In case you didn’t know Dominicans are Afro Latinos.

  7. So basically no one is getting in now a days without Lucy 👀.. Scary ish G . So much has changed over the years . Sometimes I’m nervous about what’s to come

  8. This was very interesting, i thought Benny Medina would have been up there for sure, because he was once behind Will Smith and Tyra Banks.

    1. Benny losing steam in his old age and he isnt really poppin anymore but he definitely brought will to hollywood he popped will in his ass so many times will should be his girlfriend

      1. Since Benny is Jlos manager, did he have sex with her or sell her to the old elites. I think she is a demon tho, she looks so down for anything to have money

  9. It’s crazy what people will do for fame & money! I wonder what they had her in dubai doing? & remember that video when she was saying someone wants to kill her mic. I wonder if that’s when she was in Dubai doing all that crazy shit

  10. Samething they did to Queen WHITNEY, had a party after she died and danced all over her body… Sick Fucks! God bless you G for getting out……

    1. That was all Clive doing. To be honest, they were literally wanted to leave. Had her body up in that room after so many hours so he can have a damn party. Now he is a sick fuck!

  11. This is just all types of wicked and fucked up. I see why movies n stuff show parents who were PREVIOUSLY singers n the industry NEVER WANTS THEIR KID TO BE A SINGER OR FAMOUS n the kids NEVER listen or in real life too.

    People who been all up n thru the industry NEVER want their kids to go into the business. Well nowadays these parents SELL THEIR DAMN KIDS but I’m glad I get to learn bout this wicked world all it does is BRING ME CLOSER TO GOD. he is who I will lean on! Lol

  12. Thanks, G. Just got the link today.

    So sad about Nicki. She probably is refusing to play their games which is why they want her out. There was even a rumor that Giselle fake ass now gonna do a song with Cardi.

  13. Lol @ Jimmy I being Dr. Dre’s Daddy…and Lyor being Jay’s. My daughter went to a charter school in harlem, and Lyor was on the board…so I’d see him in the building lobby a cpl times and would almost lose my damn mind. He always looked…strange…in the eyes. But that didn’t stop me from wanting to sing for him or pass a demo cd or something. Lord if only I knew then what I know now…I wouldn’t have looked at him twice🙄 Thank you Gina, thank you!! 🙏🏾

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