August 18, 2022

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22 thoughts on “What Is Happening To Mariah Carey? Part 2

  1. Sad… But as soon as they say I’m doing Vegas it’s over… Will alwaa love mimi but would go to a concert nope…

  2. I can see this post but all the other actual sugar posts (not admin updates) say “This content is not permitted for your membership level.”
    My login says my membership level is Special Request $3. I completed my registration and got the link and used my PayPal email to sign up.

  3. Well they say looks can only get you so far. I would never want to be that famous…just have a little wealth and keep it moving.

  4. The industry tried to break Mariah the first time around 2000/2001. Tommy Mottola of SONY was mad over the divorce and and sabotaging Mariah’s music career.. She was talking to Michael Jackson on the phone about how evil Sony is and talking about how they are trying to kill her.

    Ariana does not even have one memorable song. She will never be Mariah. The industry tried the same thing with Janet, but there can never be another Janet and Clive can try all he wants, Jennifer Hudson can never replace Whitney.

  5. So sad . You see it happening and your thinking damn. Ariana is talented but like you said she no Mariah but it’s kind of scary how they almost clone you 👀. They even have that same diva persona . They have been diminishing Mariah for a while now leading up to this 😑

    1. Not Mariah, Ariana. She visited a donut shop in Cali and was disgusted by all the sugary concoctions…and commented “I hate Americans. I hate America” She also licked one of the donuts and bought none of them lol. It was all caught on camera and TMZ posted it of course. She got a ton of backlash from “fans”. She issued an apology but also mentioned America’s child obesity problem in the statement. People got upset about that too. People hate the truth. And hate people who tell it.🤷🏾‍♀️

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